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  1. It's an algorithm of fiverr, fiverr gives everyone a chance. Don’t worry your gig will rank soon
  2. I started discussions with customer service before the order was canceled. And they have reviewed my order page. And said that I have forwarded your inquiry to the relevant team for further review. As soon as I receive an update I will let you know by following up on this ticket .. And it also says that some clients do such unsatisfactory things and we will monitor this. But in the meantime I see that my order has been canceled. But I have not yet received any reply from customer support
  3. One more thing you need to know is that the customer support has canceled the order but they haven't given me any updates yet. Although they say they will answer me on this ticket.
  4. Then it is no longer possible to work on fiber. Because I have given the document to Fiverr that I have completed the work in the right way. Even after that, if I don't get the money I deserve, working in fiverr will not be of any use to me. Instead, I will start working with my clients in another marketplace. Because I've brought in about 25 client fiverr's. Now they are forced to take them to another marketplace. Fiverr wants to retain a client but will lose many clients. But I will not forgive Fiverr. Thank you
  5. This has happened to me before but Fiber did not support me. The client checked my work and made nice comments with Five Star Review. But 7 days later I saw that the order was canceled by customer support
  6. In fact, it is wrong for me to make threats, but even if the order is canceled, it is normal to be a little angry
  7. Hope everybody is well I had a $ 750 order, where I had been working for the last 20 days. This was the work of the client's CRM database. I have been updating the database for a long time and have worked with the client as a sample and approved it. I have asked the client many times to check my work. I delivered the work and after that the client's excuse started. He says my work was not right. And that's what he's saying wrong. And the order was making new excuses for canceling. I talk to customer support in this situation and they let me know that sometimes such clients have to manage and give a lot of advice. Last said "I have forwarded your inquiry to the relevant team for further review. As soon as I receive an update I will let you know by following up on this ticket". Last Thursday at 09:32 time Fiverr gave me this message. In the midst of this discussion I noticed that the order had been canceled from Customer Support and had not yet given me any updates. I'm still waiting for update Because the ticket is not closed yet. If a seller makes a mistake, Fiverr refunds the client. So what action does Fiverr take if the client cheats with seller? Does Fiverr only support the client? Please See Attached image
  8. Hello Fiverr, I have spoken to Fiber Support to cancel an order. They first answered at 2/3 and later they are can't giving some information about my order cancellation. How does it treat sellers? What should I do now? please see attached file
  9. Hope everybody is doing well, I received two orders today, but the buyer placed the order without any consultation with me at the time of order, my order requisition states that the order must be discussed before ordering. Otherwise, the order will be canceled. However, I have massaged the order page to the buyer but have not received any reply. Now if I cancel the order, my Order Completion rating will be down, and my profile will be down, my gig is now on the first page. How can I cancel and how to cancel my Order Completion rating will be 100%. Looking forward to the opinion of experts. Thanks
  10. Please change image434×506 37.4 KB
  11. @lloydsolutions I have canceled some orders before, I have spoken in support to cancel the orders but they have not helped, the client has ordered without informing me about his work, and has not responded to my massage, I have been forced to speak in support but They just saw my performance as bad, they didn’t see my problems, Favre always supported Clean more. Talk about one more problem. I received an order for a $380, which I completed on time and in the right way, my client understood his work and did not inform me of any revision or problem, but after some time I saw that fiverr Support canceled the order and re-found the client… The client checked my work 24 hours a day because I shared Google sheet to him, but fiverr didn’t help me, Fiverr will only give auto replay but will not help. lol
  12. @alyonagrapie I think fiverr just wants to work with buyers, they don’t need a seller, they have to get a warning even if they greet someone, I think it’s a very bad rule, because I’ve worked with them, can’t I wish them a happy day? Is it wrong?
  13. Hi Everyone, Seeking the advice of experienced people, I do not know why I was warned, I do a massage because of which the fiber will warn me, yes I wish my clients today to marry Christmas in advance, is this a crime? I can’t send any greetings to my client? Please help me Thank you
  14. I hope you will find the answers to all the questions in the articles Before you ask about HOW TO GET ORDERS or No Orders: READ THIS (MORE ORDERS, Tips, Buyers, First Order, Impressions, Sales)Improve My Gig ChecklistNew Sellers .... Success Doesn't Come To Those Who Wait!https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers
  15. I hope you will find the answers to all the questions in the articles How do I improve my gig? Ans: New on Fiverr- How to improve my Gig? Do This, NOT That! (10 Tips for Sellers)
  16. Why would people buy from you just because you were online for 24 hours? It’s a ridiculous myth. You don’t need a senior. You just need to learn how sales works instead of trying to find magic tricks. Educate yourself. Hi @humanissocial, I’ve had some problems, I got a Level One badge on December 15th, gig down a long time ago and now, my Order Completion was 92% the day before yesterday, 90% yesterday and 89% is today. gig down automatically. What is the solution to this problem? I have completed 3 orders after going to level one and have not canceled any order, still this problem, do you have any suggestions for me. Thank you
  17. Here are some tips that you should follow to improve your gig & to get orders from buyers. Create gig on unique topics atleast 7 Gig. Choose a catchy Gig title, tags & Image. Promote your gig on social media. Use Forum to chat with other sellers & take improvement tips. Send the buyer requests Stay online with your account 15+ hours daily. Read the forum’s tips https://forum.fiverr.com/c/Fiverr-Tips/tips-for-sellers Best of luck for your future orders.
  18. If you type “increase impressions and clicks” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you. Thank you
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