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  1. Read your buyer requirement carefully and then offer him what they want from you 😉
  2. Marketing your gig in a day 4times. Stay Online and send Buyer Request Everyday. It’s help you to rank your gig
  3. My Best Selling gig wasn’t enough impression. My impression down day by day 40K to 1.5k. I didn’t get new client order in previews month. Please, someone help me
  4. I didn’t get much order at my gig, that’s the reason I did
  5. My best-selling gig has almost died. Then I had edited my gig and change my gig image. As a result, Fiverr was denied my gig. I’ve contacted the Fiverr support team they give me excellent service. I gave them proof. Then I got my gig back within 5days. But My gig impression is 0. I didn’t get order at Fiverr. Then today I deleted my thumbnail image and don’t add any new image. Today I got Denied gig notification again. This corona affects my business and also I’ve faced this error. I’ve not enough money to face this situation. I think I will die not corona but sure for money
  6. try to contact fiverr support, they will definately helping you 🙂
  7. It’s a miracle if they got client from forum
  8. Few days ago I got the advance payment option but now I can’t see this. Anyone can help me to understand why I can see this?
  9. Forum is a designer community, it’s not a client forum dear
  10. Last few months my fiverr order sell was down day by day, please help me out. I’m a level two seller now but my level one sell is more than good
  11. Late replay. Much appriciate sister, my thinking is also same:)
  12. I didn’t get new orders in this month. This is the first time I’ve seen this problem in my Fiverr career. I need help from senior
  13. I think you can do it, try to contact customer service
  14. You need to contact Fiverr customer service if you can tell them you want to cancel this order because the seller isn’t giving you exact design with your requirement. They will help you and cancel your order. Best of luck for your project! 🙂
  15. Best of luck! dear. I hope you can achieve your goal:)
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