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  1. no i never wanted to cancel , as i clearly stated that i tried my best not to get that order cancelled as i was new and i did not even knew that a bad review is worse than a cancellation , so i clearly mentioned that i tried my best to satisfy my client , i dont know where you have read that i wanted to cancel it to avoid the review .
  2. can you quote the text where i said cancel the order to sanitize the feedbacks ? can you show me any policy that a completed order or a written review can be removed by cancelling the order? cx i think you do not know the policy , no review or feedback can be removed by any way unless someone go against the TOS . so i think you misunderstood the whole of this article and rest all of the other individuals have well understood the main title as well as the theme of this article
  3. nkindly read again the topic , there is no such thing as hiding anything or tricks i just motivated other and shared my experience that nothing will happen even if your early orders get cancelled , i dont know from where you made this perception that i am telling tricks or promoting dishonesty kindly read my complete article again . thank you πŸ™‚
  4. no not going back , the post is about cancelling order in the start of your freelance career as many sellers are very scared or if they get a cancellation at the beginning then they loose hope , this post is to motivate them that no issue if you get cancellation in early stage (only if that is unavoidable) and the other thing you mentions deleting feedback by cancelling past order ? πŸ˜› there is no such thing on fiverr , no one can remove the feedback except the customer support if that is against the TOS like abusive etc , so there is no fraudulent act promotion here kindly read the article completely . thank you
  5. do some research on your gig niche and then search for most relevant words , use them πŸ™‚
  6. buyer requests , forum , activity , professional gigs are the keys
  7. i will recommend cancellation , as that will be recovered in next 60 days , but a bad review will always stay .
  8. yes that's the major reason behind the cancellations . buyer expects something which seller is unable to come up to , or any issues disturbing the chemistry of both ,
  9. you need a direction or what kind of help ?
  10. no i did not wanted to cheat the buyer i was bussy and new so did not pay much attention to the situation , and yes it was my mistake when i started and learnt from it , for your second query , this is what this topic is all about that do your homework first and be prepared to get your first order , means polish your skills before joining the platform and i clearly said do not do each and every thing .
  11. A SHORT STORY OF MINE. My 3rd order on fiverr was a 5$ order and got cancelled on 26th May 2018 at 06:52am, it was my mistake and the reason was that I took the client requirements a little light and I thought the client will not notice the little mistake I did and delivered the order without correcting it. Client got angry and cancelled it by threatening me that she will report the mater to customer support and get me banned etc. like I wasted her 12 hours. I was new here, after trying my best to comfort her, gave a lot of extra bonusses etc. nothing worked and I cancelled the order. Many of my friends who were already here on fiverr asked me to just delete my id and make a new one as this one is screwed and will not work for you, you should try again on a new id, this id will never be ranked etc., but I did not listen them even though they were working here since 2015-16. I kept responding to buyer requests and after responding about 100 buyer requests, I received another order and the process started again and here I am today (3500+ completed orders) with the same id. NOW COMING BACK TO THE TOPIC It’s a very common question amongst the new sellers, can we cancel our first order? Or any order from the initial orders we receive on fiverr? Another question arises why this situation occurs, and following are the 4 most common reasons: 1. You are new and you did not do your homework before joining the platform: - a. There are some sellers who join fiverr without properly reading its TOS and policies. b. First time dealing with a client/buyer. So they were not expecting the buyer to act in that manner (false imaginations). Lack of knowledge and experience in handling clients. c. Some even lack basic business ethics. 2. Lack of Business Ethics and Professionalism: - In my experience I have noticed many under developed/developing countries do not teach business ethics at college level or in some cases not even at Graduation Level. So here comes a clash, buyer expects some good business ethics and the seller do not know much about it. 3. Presentation: - If you are new in this field (online freelancing) and did not prepare well to meet your first client and his/her expectations, then yes you will be facing difficulty in presenting your work and effort the way it is supposed to be on an online platform. Your client may feel that you are not suitable for this job (your badge, reviews and joining time also shows that you are new). 4. Trying to do everything or anything to get your first order: - Another very common issue which I have seen in buyer requests that seller try to get the projects which are not even related to their gigs, for example a logo designer taking a project of an illustrator to illustrate a short story. This leads to frustration of the buyer as well as seller, because both are not on the same page, even the requirement form is not related to the order (seller gets a first and a bad impression). CAN I CANCEL MY FIRST ORDER? Yes, it’s very important to maintain your initial record good and up to the mark but if it’s not going well, yes you should cancel your order in a very professional way. Nothing will happen, the process of your growth will may get a speed breaker, nothing else but yes try to learn from your mistake and learn how to bear the loss as its your first time and there will be many more in future. Profit and Loss is part of every business, work, job etc. Put-up your best and leave the rest , do not get depressed its just a cancellation which I believe you tried your best to avoid. If you keep working hard then even after any cancellation everything will be back to normal.
  12. you did the best thing which was possible at that time less you should always immediately report the TOS violations without any delay , the moment someone asks you to go beyond the limits of fiverr and is TOS just flag and report , cancellation is way better than a warning or a ban .
  13. best of luck , to be honest if you want to grow then nothing is easy , there is no shortcut or you just cant replace the hard work(in right direction) with a shortcut. stay happy , stay motivated πŸ™‚
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