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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope you are good. Recently I made a post on Pro tips for buyer requests. It got so popular so I decided to share my tips on writing a gig as well. NOTE: I am just sharing my experience, there may be other better ways. So if you know one, kindly add in comments Selecting Keyword: First of all it all starts with a specific, low competition niche keyword. Find a fiverr suggesting keyword that has search results of less than 1000. So it's a better chance for you to get ranked on first page. Keep that in mind, the fiverr gig ranking system in based on seller level, and number of orders. So, top rated seller will have rank on top, than level 2, level 1 and so on. After that gig have more orders will rank. If you have 0 order, you should expect your maximum gig ranking after a gig having 1-2 orders on 1st page. First you have to compete with other gigs with no orders. Example: Logo Design is a very comments keyword having results upto 150,000. So if you make it geometric logo design it will have less than 1000 results. Title, Category and Tags: Write a unique title that stands out, select category. In Tags, put the keyword you find and then add relevant tags according to your gig. Its better to add the keywords that you find in top while searching a keyword. These keywords may not be in suggestions, but no worries. Pricing: Analyse the niche market prices of sellersat your level, not of top sellers. Know your experience and expertise. Then choose price. KNOW YOUR WORTH. NEVER EVER UNDER VALUE YOURSELF. GIG Description: Write a proper description, including your expertise, experience, offering, deliverable in a readable manner. Its better to use bullet points. Add 3-4 times (not max than 4) the keyword you selected in creating a title. Use it in a natural and proper way. Add FAQS related to your gig. Images: Add the best images of your work, with size of 4:3 (1600x1200) px. Rename including main keyword. Add relevant tags as well. (its a new feature in fiverr). Add requirements and publish. After Gig creation: That's it. Track your gig progress in weekly manner. Search your main kw and find your gig on all the pages. Once you identified it, write it somewhere. Stay active on fiverr, promote on social media and then after a week track again. If its on top than last time, it means you are doing good. But it it's not change the strategy and kw and make a new gig. Create 7 gigs with different kws so there is increass in appearence and ranking of gig. If only 1 out of 7 is ranked on first page, congratulations. You will start getting orders. Be patient, it takes time, but at the end it worth a lot.
  2. Okey, I will create a post on pro tips for creating a SEO optimum gig. Stay tuned.
  3. The gigs are ranked based on top rated sellers gig on top and new sellers in bottom. The gig having more orders is on top with respect to gig having less or 0 orders. Moreover, there might be a problem in gig seo and tags.
  4. Can you share a sample of your buyer request. So we get to know better. Thanks
  5. My personal method for buyer requests is LSD. L likeable S solveable D deliverable In Likeable, I use clients name, not username and rephrase his description. To find client’s name, I copy the user name and paste it after fiverr.com/username. It open the clients profile. From here I have number of options. 1- I can see reviews, so we can judge is it a fake client or real one. 2- His orginal name, some have mentioned in description or if you are lucky you can find in his buying reviews. Some freelancers have mentioned their names. 3- If he is also a seller, you can contact him directly via inbox 4- Country, knowing the country will help you to bid correctly. Example: Greetings Kim, I hope you are doing good. I will design simple logo for your Sensual Sins company. It will have premium look and feel.In solvable, you will explain how you will complete his project. You can share your portfolio link, and working processes here. Also write a brief intro about yourself. Example: My design process starts with research, knowing about the audience has a great impact in design and ultimately success of brand. After that I make 3-5 paper sketches and finally illustrate the best one. My name is Haseeb, I am providing my service as a professional graphics designer on fiverr for more than 2 years. Last is delivereable, you will mention time spans, cost and any queries you have about the job. End it with a question or call to action. Example: You will get your premium design in 2 days. If you have any queries, ping me back. I can’t wait to hear from you. Best Regards, For God sake, don’t use copy paste template for all the requests you see. Clients are fed up of ready made templates. Follow these strategies, and let me know your results.
  6. I am not getting orders for past 20 days. What should I focus on: 1- Gig optimisation for higher ranking and getting organic orders. 2- Sending buyer requests daily.
  7. Thank you Frank! You have clearly explained.
  8. What is difference between portfolio and Expertise? If a barber shop has listed 50 hair styles from google, can we say that its his portfolio?
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