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  1. Ill lower my prices too! hopefully that also works 😃
  2. So I have come to Fiverr mainly because of the fact that I can not make money due to the coronavirus. I created a gig a while back, but never got any buyers. My gig is about editing and retouching photos through Lightroom. Its one of the only things I am good at. Any way to get my gig out there?
  3. simple question, but its hard to actually get business on here. I have tried my best but i dont know what i am doing wrong 😕 I have shared with my friends and family and done everything I can to improve and make it look more professional, but still no luck
  4. hello everyone! I am a photographer that has his own business, but decided to also come to Fiverr because I thought it would be a fun experience and basically just to learn more about photo editing as well!
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