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  1. Buyer place order without any requirement and order shows as incomplete and she/he is not responding from 7 days??? what i should do now??
  2. i got the same answer. Its very disappointing. I think best option we have to keep waiting but dont knwo how long?
  3. no brother i do not find any solution. Someone said that the thing we can do is wait 60 days and provide great service it will be back again. But i m not sure how far is this true?
  4. thank you. I just submitted a ticket to cs.Let see whats they reply.
  5. From 15 Feb my promoted gigs (2 gigs already promoted) are showing suspended and it showing the msg that ( This Gig cannot be promoted as it falls short of other Gigs quality in your service category. ) and surprisingly one of my gig which used to be appeared in 1st page with a keyword from last 1 year now its not in search result it was not showing on 1 , 2 or 3 even in 10 pages. I have no cancel order in last 6 moths and all of my percentages are 100% so i m not understanding why my gig are out ranked and whats my fault. I used to get daily response but know i have no buyer knocking me. Please help me !!! Untitled1561×810 71.6 KB
  6. On the order page, there was some wrong calculation I just noticed. Is it some kind of bug? I hope Fiverr team will look into this issue. Untitled1317×581 49.7 KB
  7. The amount is shown on my dashboard “earned in OCT” is lower than the amount shown on my Analytics page. The amount on the Analytics page is correct. Has anyone else noticed this? I submitted a ticket on CS 5 days ago still not get any response 😢.
  8. its same thing happening to me and I submitted a ticket to CS 5 days ago still no reply 😥
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