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  1. This has been happening in the last couple of days. I make a custom offer. When it appears in the chat window, the offer details are listed in the wrong language. The first time, the buyer was from Spain and it showed in French. Another time the buyer was from India and it showed in Spanish. My language was set to English both times. I don't know what language the buyers saw. When I switch my language settings to another language, the offer *sometimes* switches to the language I picked, and then when I switch back to english, it *sometimes* switches back to English... while the rest of the website interface appears to switch languages as intended, it appears there's something glitchy going on with the offer details. Below is an example of one I did today. It doesn't matter to me, as seller, what language is being displayed. However, If buyers are seeing it in the wrong language, that is a big problem.
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