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  1. Please "Hello Buddy" or "Hello Whatever!" Isn't professional either, and I even think it's more logical to use the person's username or name as the case may be. Fast forward, try to use the same keyword the buyer used, and make use you understand what they need. Propose possible solutions and briefly explain how you will do it. Finally, check for grammatical errors and always end with a call-to-action. Thanks
  2. The link isn't working again please
  3. Thanks for highlighting, though there wasn't really a need to share your link. However, just keep up with delivering your orders and getting good reviews. You will rank back, thanks!
  4. Somehow I feel you are just looking for cheap promotion on your gig, if not why do you expect to fly from where you are to a different page after delivering just one order. There are people in the same niche and category delivering three four and even six orders daily, with good SEO and quality reviews. So you except Fiverr to carry you to the first 20 pages and leave? As what? A co-founder I guess! Dear, do off-platform SEO and ads and stop looking for people to click on your link and help you with clicks and impressions we all have our problems to face.
  5. Now most times it's not always our fault that orders are cancelled, but indirectly, it is. How do I mean? I feel that effective communication should be initiated once you start an order and make sure to carry them along. Once you see and order you do not really understand, ask questions before they place an order, and if you still understand tell them you will pass on that. However, I know some buyers can the fraudulent and want to buy things without really paying and thus cancel order to get their money back and leave with your job too. What do you? Start with the project and show them how you are going that if it's not a writing project. Make sure they tell you what they think and if it they affirm continue. Sometimes I share those insight before they even place order. But you can share links on Google Doc if it's writing so you don't end up on the wrong side. Finally, Fiverr favours sellers than buyers, so to avoid losing your money, wasting your time and effort, communicate effectively. Sadly, you might not get your money after contacting CS.
  6. I get your point, but when I said get up, I meant doing it yourself. From the question he or she was talking literally about waiting for Fiverr to send buyer for him/her. However, even though some niches are not as competitive as others, they are still people that are acing it in that space. All it takes is learning both the business and freelance part of your niche. That way you are not only an expert coach per se but also a selling coach.
  7. Thanks a lot, man. Very impactful. Just the right time to sit up and work harder!
  8. How did you get this value please?
  9. Pretty funny!! Why would someone want to stay online 24/7.
  10. Though this article would have been best in the sellers' space, but it's still cool. Thanks a lot, man
  11. Thanks!! The UI/UX design is just as cool as the best in the industry. We are still waiting for more though. All the same thanks a lot.
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