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  1. Yes. I remember last 6 months, i have applied on 200 requests. They are just helping to leave potential buyer out of fiverr.
  2. Your correct. And I believe most of them are using Template. Today i saw a seller posted he needs a site complete same the site is too big. But his budget is 5$. :rofl:
  3. You need to remove the name of the continent from your post as that is not allowed on the forum. Already removed. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Happy freelancing. Hope you get some great buyers?. Thanks again.
  5. Please follow my post. Yes it’s a great offer. But how do you know , it’s a scam you have to apply on it. In average , I found 25-40 requests per day to apply. I realize 30 of them scam and 10 are genuine. You may seen genuine or scam one. You can only realize when you apply on that. I have applied more than 2000 BR. So I have a vast realization.😀 Some offers are very attractive. But finish with a chat with other seller from fiverr. Who already offering the service. Hope you got my point. Thanks for your valuable comment 😊
  6. same here.You’re correct. We can Fiverr should look into this. This is a marketplace to help people, not getting rich or doing scamming. Thanks, @mdomor288
  7. There are some Disgusting sellers making the Fiverr marketplace a scam. What do they do? They post requests which they are already experts in. For example, You’re a graphic designer. Posting >. hey I need a designer, who can design a logo for me budget: $500. What they actually want? I saw most of them are new sellers and also leveled sellers too. New sellers 80% and leveled sellers 20%. Yes, you’re allowed to use buyer requests. I have seen so many users in the last 6 months, also I remember those names they are a scammer. Even posting 6-7 requests per day !! Really ??? Now you may ask me why you say them scammer? Come On !! That user whom I called scammer, I’m looking their posts every day! A person or business must not come with a new 5-6 idea per day. Also, I have seen them for the last 6 months !! Like they have 0 Feedback. They are wasting our valuable requests !!! What is the benefit of doing this thing? If you want to market your gigs on social media and whatever Fiverr allows doing marketing of your gigs !! Why why why? New sellers making the buyer section a spamming section. I don’t even apply now. Every day believes me. I go to the buyer request section with a new hope today it will be fixed. But same and same from last 6 months. Fiverr should take a step against it.
  8. He have 2 Reviews with 5 stars. 2 with 1 star.
  9. man, you’re crazy. LOL. I was laughing After reading ’ His youtube channel probably has 30 subs maximum’ . Thanks for the comment.
  10. Thanks. I have already said several times. That I’m sorry and I apologize. Lol Now he says " If you wish to say anything else, please use a lawyer "
  11. I got an order from a buyer. I he gave me 4 days to finish the job. 3 days passed. I was about to upload all the files , i have edited. But he ask for refund. Ok i gave him the refund. He tell me now he will report me to fiverr for wasting his time. Dose it make any sense? Also threats me. Will say to his YouTube channel with my photo that I’m fake. Very wired. For me. Cause i never asked to extend delivery time. Let me know
  12. Hi, I provide a service, which is a Shopify site design. In that case, I just have to get access to Shopify, without mail I can not log in to the Shopify store. Some of the cases i need to share my mail. But all the mail shared in the order page. Fiverr doesn’t allow sharing mail. Is that safe to share on the order page? Cause without this I cant provide my service. Please help me.🙂
  13. Don’t worry about it. Try tomorrow. No need for getting panic.
  14. All the information were submitted by clients. its needed to get their emails to login at hosting companies site. All the info has been shared at ORDER Page not on Chat. I didn’t shared my emails or any contact info.
  15. Hi, i develop websites. Some time in order page. Because of hosting client share mail and login info for hosting to setup their websites. Is that okay? I’m not sharing my mail or any contact info. If i say hi i need login info to setup your site. Is that go against TOS?
  16. Hi, I’m a level 1 seller. Maybe will demoted to normal seller. Because of late delivery. Thats okay. My question is at the next evaluation date if my all the required task to get level 2 seller filled up. Am I going to be level 2 seller? I have completed 49 orders, 4.9 rating average, 2000$ earned. No TOS, 120 days in fiverr. Thanks in advance.
  17. When you sign up for be a seller. You may seen your own website address to put. You can make a website where some of your examples/ voices there. You can share the link of your website, so buyer can hear your voice. Maybe and hopefully it’s not against TOS.
  18. Message CS. Tell them you do not want to cancel and give the order number. Tell them you completed the order as your gig description says. However since your gig said “satisfaction” that right there is enough for them to cancel possibly. All he needs to do is tell them that and say he is not satisfied. Thanks i have learned it?
  19. Thanks. Got this. Another wired thing, after getting all files. He opened a dispute on order. Very disappointed. He said opend a ticke. On CS. From my experience, CS cancel order, if someone open a ticket. What should I do 🥺. Files( Zip file of site and sql )
  20. It was a custom order. With 2 additional revisions. But client is not even ready to accept my delivery when all the task done. Provided by him. He’s asking revisions more than 8-10 times. Why? I set it 2 additional revisions. After 2 revisions he may need to pay or I’m thinking wrong? Please help me.
  21. Thanks for reply. It’s a bug. At my mobile Fiverr app. It’s February 15 on the website
  22. Today is my evaluation date. But unfortunately one of my order cancelled from fiverr CS. So my order cancellation rate is 89% otherwise all the things is 90+. Is I’m going to be demoted ?
  23. So we can exchange all personal information. That’s only related with my services. But not for contacting outside Fiverr.🙂
  24. Hi, I do websites design and for that sometime, I need to integrate payment getaways. So at order page is it safe to write payment without any worries? Note: it’s not about receiving or asking payments outside fiverr.🙂
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