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  1. Hi community people! I have achieved my level one seller badge this month. But I am not having good response from my GIGs as before. I managed to get all of my previous orders by replying to buyer requests, except one order only. All of my client-reviews are positive. Still, experience is not so good. Any suggestions?
  2. It is bug that I have been experiencing for a last few days.
  3. Hi ! Nice to meet you. Have a good journey on Fiverr.
  4. You can share your gig links on social media or other platforms from where any one can see your gigs and order. This is the simple and important way to make your gigs more active and get orders. Hope it will help!
  5. Please get in touch with Fiverr support center. Hope it will help. thank you!
  6. Hope you would turn the situation round. best wishes !
  7. Hi welcome to the Fiverr world. Hope you are skilled enough to be a good seller on Fiverr. Best of luck. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  8. @francis920176 I just started Fiverr in 2019 and completed a few orders. Everything is goin’ well till now. Hopefully, 2020 would be a better experience on Fiverr.
  9. Are pages on Fiverr loading very slowly for everyone? [ today is 17/Dec/2019] I am facing problems loading Fiverr pages from last night. My internet connection is fine and other pages load faster. Is this happening for the Fiverr maintenance issue and page loading will get back to normal soon? If not, what can I do?
  10. Hi, @redbirdx05 Welcome to your new journey. I also form the same genre as yours and love graphic design. Have a great Fiverr experience!
  11. I know my English is not good as yours. But when I was typing I was in a hurry. That’s why I made a typing mistake unintentionally that might led to different meaning. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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