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  1. tell me about how to do marketing properly 😑
  2. already i do all time but i can't benefited 😞
  3. Dear to all smart people, please suggest me ! one of gig in last page, how to rank in 1st page. please help me proper way. thank you
  4. Hello smart people’s, How are you?? Recently my give falling impresion,click and view. what i can do now? please review my profile and give me solution Thanks, Badhon Roy
  5. Hello all members, how are you?? recently many people’s faced gig can’t show in search result. i am one of them. any expert member help me what i do now. already i was completed 2 order in this gig and can’t edit this gig. please give me a facile suggestion , it will be giving prosperity to me and all. Regards ( Badhon Roy) click this
  6. hey everyone, when i was publish my gig ,it was stay in first page but day by day it was loss ranking ,now ,in last page, so, what i do now??? CLICK NOW AND CHECK PLEASE https://www.fiverr.com/share/zrP8bz 🥴
  7. hey, i am badhon from bangladesh,i am new to fiverr forum.
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