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  1. On 9/26/2021 at 12:32 AM, letsgodigital said:

    This month had been really great so far, got my highest sales ever. Finally my hard work paying off. 

    Learned a lot on fiverr forum, thank you everyone for your guidance.😊




    Congrats and keep good work.


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  2. On 9/11/2021 at 8:17 PM, olyasr said:

    Maybe it's Fiverr gig rotation. Or, I had similar experience when one "Expert in all professions" showed my profile in his youtube video - of course my impressions changed, but at the same time I started to get hundreds of messages from different people who asked me to guide them or to give them a job😆

    Thanks for clarification.

    And you can start an online training center 🙂

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  3. 9 hours ago, smashradio said:

    It sounds like the regular gig rotation in action. Gigs are rotated on a regular basis on Fiverr, to allow everyone who deseves it some visibility. You might have experienced some sort of boost due to any number of factors. Impressions aren't a stable thing, and you should expect them to go up and down, depending on things like gig rotation, sales, other stats, feedback/hidden feedback, seller level and demand in your niche. 

    Thanks for your clarification.

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  4. Hello.

    Usually I get 2K+ daily impressions in my best selling gig. But Suddenly i got 7K+ gig impressions in a single day, which is a really unusual impression in terms of clicks on that day. And now my gig impression is decreasing day by day.

    Anyone had this experience?

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  5. 7 minutes ago, dianee76 said:

    A seller has stolen over £1500 via Fivrr(interestingly has asked me to purchase via another site too to spread the fee cause Fivrr had a limit on the amount he could charge). He never delivered! Keeps claiming he is moving country and cant work but I can see he is delivering or atleast receiving reviews from other buys for completed work! I have totally been scammed. He advised me that the 14day delivery for a website was too short a time and that I needed to say the job was complete after he assured me I could trust him!!!! I ordered this in NOVEMBER 2020! It's now late August 2021, so obviously I have no business website. What a total C**t. Absolutely furious.

    First of all you did a BIG mistake to purchase outside Fiverr. Its strictly prohibited  by Fiverr TOS.

    But you can do one thing, take some screenshot of outside payment and conversation, and contact Fiverr support. Hope they will take necessary action against that seller.

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