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  1. Update: I just logged in to Payoneer and the funds were loaded, It took around 6 hours this time for the funds to load.
  2. The same thing happened to me today. Fiverr shows that withdrawal is completed successfully but I have not received it in Payoneer yet.
  3. If your withdrawal is less than $100 then go with Jazz Cash but if it is more than $100 then use the Payoneer bank transfer option. Because both JazzCash and Payoneer bank transfer charges 2% fees from the total amount. It’s just my opinion and the choice is yours.
  4. You can check this page for more info https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/offering-extra-services-within-an-active-order
  5. Yes I have faced it few days a ago Payoneer said to me that they have changed their policy so now you have to contact Fiverr support in order to change your Payoneer account.
  6. In may they have change their policy so now you have to contact fiverr support in order to change your Payoneer account.
  7. Hello, contact Fiverr support they will remove the Payoneer account linked to your Fiverr account.
  8. Congratulations 😀 I also got promoted to level 2 today.
  9. It is a BUG, Fiverr is trying to solve it.
  10. I have sent just 46 request and got 27 orders.
  11. I use buyer request in the beginning to get new buyers…
  12. Hello, Fiverr community, Today is a big day for me because today I got to level 1 on my Fiverr account in just 4 months. I signed up on Fiverr back in august, for the first month I didn’t get any order and then the 1st half of September I also didn’t get any order, but then suddenly I started to get orders and my profile started to grow up and today is the day that I have got the big achievement. I have got level 1 finally. 😃
  13. That’s great!!. Maybe the process is started and I will get my level in a couple of hours.
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