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  1. Hello there, i have encountered this many times, Buyers place orders and then he/she asks to cancel it because they placed it by mistake. But that affects my order completion rate and my ranking as well. This is what i think is not fair to us(sellers) as the mistake is totally of buyer. There should be a system where if the order is cancelled by buyers fault then it should not affect the sellers profile and order completion rate
  2. Is there an affiliate program on fiverr? where people who are interested can help making sales for sellers by promoting their gigs, i as a seller myself would be happy to give a commission to the affiliate marketer over sales
  3. Yeah new sellers don’t get to see much buyer request, you need to wait until level one
  4. i looked at her insta account she has already started posting the quotes i delivered.
  5. How to do that? i don’t have any idea. please can you guide?
  6. I supplied her the quotes following the search term she gave me for google.
  7. thanks for the help buddy. will see what i can do here
  8. Hello everyone, so i have a gig where i make quotes on plain background, 2 weeks earlier got an order for 200 skincare quote which i made and delivered,but as per buyer it had some grammatical mistakes and she wanted revision, but she is not ready to give me the details of the revision as she says she is too busy to give the details and wanted whole new set of 200 quotes as a revision. I denied and asked for the details which she said will give when she will get time. I waited for 1 week but she was offline and never responded to my messages so i re-delivered the order again and the order gets marked as completed in 3 days. Right then she came back and asked for the revision, i didn’t denied i said i will give you the revision just give me the changes. But that also is not ok to her, she says she want whole new set of 200 quotes to be made and redeliver because she don’t have the time to pick out the mistakes and resend them to me. and now she is misbehaving by saying “you charge more” " i don’t understand your gig service, which buyer provides 200-600 quotes ???" " you should do it all on your own…" What should i do here, i am getting frustrated. please anyone who can help?
  9. how do you make sure that the buyer picks up the image you want to be added to your portfolio while leaving a feedback. I am a graphic designer(social media designs), i usually deliver 10-30 designs, i want to ask if we have the control over the image to be select while the buyer leaves a feedback? or the fiverr system automatically picks it up from the delivered images?
  10. It’s all about your communication skills. You need to explain everything to her step by step and how platform works, very polite but firm. thank you so much for the help
  11. That’s against fiverr TOS to keep an order open and use your work. She can use it only after she marked order as a complete what action should i take here?
  12. That’s against fiverr TOS to keep an order open and use your work. She can use it only after she marked order as a complete Yes you are right but my gig is to provide 200 quotes on plain background and so i have to deliver that 200 quotes images as a .zip file, so there is no watermark of fiverr
  13. stay active, respond to buyers as quickly as possible. 1st sale on fiverr is a bit difficult it took me 3 months but don’t loose hopes, once you get your 1st sale then you will see some good sales in line
  14. I see 🙂 I think it depends on the customer, but I would never wait even 1 day without clear instructions on the revision. Sometimes it’s better to get a negative review than making 200 and 200 and 200 more quotes for free. yeah i think so, but as a new seller it would affect my profile.
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