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  1. Have you done something against the rules? try to contact Fiverr Support for more informations. Hope you will solve this
  2. I was thinking about it now because recently I have changed several times my images. Do you have any experience or answer about this?
  3. Yes because there are a lot of sellers of this type. Try to change your gigs images and not be like others. Something very catchy to catch their attention. Have you experience on this?
  4. hmm after seeing your profile try to change your gigs images. They are overseen nowadays, try to make something more different so people will want to click it for more informations.
  5. hmm first of all don’t stress and stop thinking about now having any order. Try to focus on your content, do a keyword research to find the best keyword to optimize your gig. Try to change the photos on your gigs, maybe putting there something more catchy
  6. Hello everyone, hope this message finds you well. I am really happy because I got the first order. I don’t know but hese three months a lot of people contact me and then they suddenly disappear. This was my first week that I don’t think of not getting an order, so I decide no negative thoughts this week. After just four days there was… the first order! 😀 It’s my third year as a social media manager and always thought about being in Fiverr but never take action about it. I dind’t take action because I had clients but it’s never okay to limit yourself! Growing network = Growing your business. I want to thank anyone here on the forum for their valuable information they gave to me to improve my gig. Hope this December would be the best month of the year for you… to end this year as the best way possible… Thank you once again, everyone. 🙂
  7. Well Fiverr doen’t allow you to use one device for two accounts. Fiverr’s Terms of Service strictly forbid multiple accounts; if you have more than one account, all of them could get banned. So I think if your rommate want to create a fiverr account, Fiverr will think that is your second one. I would suggest to try to Talk to Customer Support.
  8. Hello Jelena, welcome to fiverr. Yes the first three months are always searching and trying how to improve gigs. November was a hard month for me. I hope December will be the best month for us here in Fiverr, let end this year on the best way possible.
  9. Hello Shehla, the same thing for me too! November was a hard month for me and haven’t been active in Fiverr. Let December be our month 🙂
  10. Perfect answer, really such good points. Thank you for your answer, really
  11. Thank you for having such a good vibe! We all are humas we should help eachother 🙂
  12. Did this happened to you too? I click to it and says “Active 1” but there in not any request. Please how can resolve this?
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