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  1. Yes, exactly. It is really annoying. And mobile app showing the same thing 😭
  2. image1351×592 26.6 KBtilte say 3 requests are active but it is not showing a single. Is this some kind of bug?
  3. So your friend just happens to let you take screenshots of their account on their phone and post these to the Fiverr forum where everyone can see their earnings? Why couldn’t they post a reply themselves? He did not let me… I was checking his mobile and I took photos with telling him 😂
  4. Not 2 friends just ome friends. These are two pictures of same account
  5. This is account of my friend… He has a response time of 0 hours… So I was curious about it
  6. How can I improve my response time? it has gone to hours. Please help me
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