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  1. @spc_weebo welcome to the Fiverr Forum 🙂
  2. @talhaamalik Welcome to Fiverr. Stay focus and be patient to get success in this online platfrom
  3. @mjensen415 thanks for the announcement
  4. @jassmankoo its not a problem. It always depends on buyer that is the reply to you or not. If the buyer thinks your gig/service is better than other sellers than he will must reply to you. Be patient
  5. @jassmankoo you can send only 10 buyer requests daily. after that, its show offers 0 for the day. you can send 10 offers again the next day 🙂
  6. @qbo_xero_pro yes lots of sellers face the same problem may be
  7. @yenduong426 maybe there is some issue. some other sellers also face this problem. Hello Mohammed, Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, there is currently an issue when trying to link your LinkedIn account. The issue is known and our Tech Team is working on solving it. Thanks for understanding. This is the reply from support
  8. @yenduong426 is your LinkedIn account previously added any Fiverr account?
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