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  1. @jonbaasI had a doubt and I posted one request from my side to check this. First sent buyer requests should be on top right? but that's not the case here. Only last 50 requests showing up on top. BUYER CAN'T SEE ALL REQUESTS IN ONE PAGE. BUYER CAN SEE ONLY 50 REQUESTS. TO SEE MORE THN THAT THEY HAVE TO REMOVE SOME OF THE REQUESTS. I hope it's clear enough. 🙂
  2. I have a doubt in buyer request. Normally I respond fast for buyer request. I send my request within first 10 and I used to get minimum 2 orders If I send all 10 buyer requests in a day. Now a days I'm not getting any orders from buyer request. So I did a research and got to know that now a days buyer can see only last 50 requests. Not first 50 requests but last 50 requests only. IS THIS TRUE? If it's true then thr is no point of responding to buyer request early.
  3. Hi… I’m a level 2 seller now but I have completed all the requirement to archive top seller status but I didn’t get the promotion. Anyone know that how to archive this Top seller status?
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