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  1. You can offer a special offer for all your past customers. So you can improve your score 🙂
  2. For a $5 Gig, a client will pay $7.28. Extra $2.28 Applies as a service fee. So a freelancer gets $4, and fiverr gets $3.28 For a bigger project, it will be different. For $500 gig, a client pays $527.50 A freelancer gets $400, and fiverr gets $127.50 The commission covers your Marketing and Bank operating expenses, and in some cases, protects you from clients' chargebacks.
  3. Was it helped, you guys? Did you get a better ranking and some sales after a gig edition?
  4. Here are some things on the platform that does not depend on you. So concentrate on the things you can do. For example, consider what you can do to reach the second level seller. After the level up, you get more impressions compared to the first level. To get to the 2nd level, you should make 50 sales for $60 each ($2000 altogether). Some sellers even bring their offline clients to Fiverr to reach Level 2 status. Also, you can research new services that you can offer in your gigs. And one more that you can do is to build other channels of income or sources to get new clients. Because even most successful sellers may get out of sales, and drop Gigs impressions. So you should be ready 🙂
  5. It’s happened to me after one of the orders was canceled by customer support. But after two weeks I got it back. I contacted CS, and they couldn’t help. After that, some more orders were canceled but I still have the feature. The cash advance provided not by Fiverr exactly but from another service. So it may be some bug in the connection between that service and the Fiverr website. Was any of your orders recently canceled? Or maybe you got some negative rating before the Cash Advance disappeared?
  6. Yeah, you are right! It’s what I was going to write to the topics 🙂
  7. You could save a lot of time and energy by simply using the TeamViewer app. I hope your account will be restored. Unfortunately, if your account disabled by CS you cant create a new account. That would be a Fiverr TOS violation again. Probably you may use your girlfriend account together, but still, if you use it on your computer and IP it may be disabled too. Keep us informed about the issue.
  8. Hello! I’d like to highlight my new achievement. Today I got the 1st Level Seller badge! Thank you Fiverr 🙂 I started to put my efforts in January. Unfouchintely Byers Requests wasn’t available for me at the start. So I concentrated on what I know best. It’s Social Media Marketing. The service is not cheap. For all this time, I got only one client with $130 income from Fiverr. The rest sales are my regular clients or my social media campaign results. So three months, ten orders, and four hundred dollars income. My suggestion is to start work here as soon as you build your business outside this platform.
  9. What if with delivery I ask a buyer following: Will it be TOS violation?
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