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  1. Great very postive person all the best for future
  2. most welcome and stay in home and please be safe. thank you
  3. most welcome Dear Best wishes. Take care
  4. welcome on fiverr Please Stay on home and stay safe. This is hard time. Please be Safe.
  5. Try quote less time and cost what’s buyer requesting for work Use Buyer name and explame how you will need time and how you can di it his work. Thank you
  6. beasuse He create I’d in Oct 2019 but he started work on 30th dec but anyways He spend fiverr on 60 days Congratulations TO him.
  7. Many many 👏Congratulations on your achievement
  8. Great keep doing work and best of luck on fiverr
  9. I have faced these problem when I make the I’d but some times fiverr done something which is not good for getting order
  10. yeah same here also not getting msg for buyer request also… My bad…
  11. don’t make two gigs for the same service . They should all be unique do you mean by category explain for video animation in gif animation or logo animation so we don’t make the same gig in of gif animation or video animation??
  12. And also you can spend time with fiverr and try to reply quick
  13. I’m asking the difference between complete order and review is affecting on gigs ??
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