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  1. yes these day are not going my also thanks
  2. Best wishes for you. most welcome on fiverr
  3. Hello Guys, These days buyer requests are day by day decreasing. Before COVID-19 the buyer request are coming around 800+ but these days its getting decreasing day by day the buyer request is around 450. This is issue on fiverr or due to COVID-19?
  4. Yes I have same problem and not getting clients also. I don’t know what’s going on these days in world
  5. All the best stay home and stay safe
  6. But today I get this one This is first time showed on my dashboard. Thank you
  7. thank you so much for reply… so you are getting an orders?
  8. If buyer did not completing order then simple delivered order and waiting for 3 days. after 3 days order automatic marked as completed.
  9. Capture1201×898 83.6 KBThese days I’m not getting orders. Today get this new screen on my dashboard to promote my fiverr I’d and Take these steps to become a top seller on Fiverr. so anybody gets this screen also on the dashboard ?? Thank you
  10. most welcome on community. I hope you are fine. Stay safe and stay home thank you
  11. not so much only 2 or 3 days after get order thank you
  12. Yes the buyer request and clients both not coming on fiverr. I’m also not getting order due to COVID-19 At month on Feb 2019 there are around 500 buyer request but now these days there are only 300 buyer request. Please everyone stay at home stay safe. thank you
  13. I’m also not getting form some days. when I start form oct 2019 I’m getting orders. But after CVIOD-19 I’m struggling to getting orders. But first thing is STAY SAFE. I hope things gets better very soon. Thank you
  14. this is not right Completely Disappointed! Please go for support on Payoneer
  15. Thar’s very good for people. Great Job. Please Be safe. Thank you
  16. I’m not expert but I can tell you something. Try to online 14 to 16 hours use moblie app improve your gig use tags promote your gig on social media
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