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  1. Hi @stefadilorenzo, It’s 10 days after the order has been marked as completed. Oh. Looks like i still have some days left. Thx a lot maita
  2. So I do not see a problem to be frank about it. If he is simply annoying and rude at this point just continue answering in a short professional manner. Fiverr is not going to step in and come between a buyer and seller. This is one of the situations we must handle ourselves since we are self employed. I thought you wanted to cancel the order? Yes i contacted the support team for cancelation. But thats what they answered me. Anyway the gig was finished when they answered me so there wasn’t much to do left. Just wanted to cover myself for an unfair bad review. Even if that meant i had to give back the money and an entire week of work. Do you think he can still leave a review? I read somewhere they cant after 10 days of delivering the order. But i kept working for him for 3/4 days. Pd: i just want to know to clear completely this issue of my head, im not planing on sending him something rude lol
  3. Hi community. So this is what happened: I contacted fiverr for support and it was really disappointing. It was disappointing that probably they didn’t even read the whole message i sent them, and for sure they didnt take the time to review the chat log with my client. The harass and rudeness was clear. And if they saw the changes the client requested all the time, they would have seen this were due to changes in content, colors or things like that. NON were made because of layout design (this was approved 100% before even creating the order). So what they just answered me was something short like “we cant intervene if you cant satisfy client demands. I was really disappointed. Disappointed that Fiverr doesnt even take time to review this cases that concern us. I reached Level 1 now after 2 months. I hope im a bit more “valuable” to them now and if there is a next time for something like this, at least they take the time to hear me. The good thing is that 11 days passed since i delivered the order and i didnt get any review yet. For what i understand they just have 10 days to leave it right? Is there a way they can still leave a review? Since the client its still messaging me. I finished the order like a week ago (i continued working 4 days more after i delivered the order) But he is still claiming things that i warned him about when we started working and he didnt listen. Pd: thanks a lot for all the support and advices i received here. They meant a lot.
  4. The only thing I would say to you, and to other sellers who are just starting out, is be careful of this mentality. You might be new to Fiverr, but like you mentioned elsewhere in your post, you’re not new to your industry, so don’t let people take advantage of you. When we started out, we were targeted by all kinds of people who wanted to exploit our ‘newbie’ status to get us to work for virtually nothing, and treating us like dirt at the same time. We had a policy that if someone wanted us to reduce our prices back then, we would do it, in order to get the positive review. But the second someone began treating us like children, or talking to us offensively, or suggesting something that was clearly a scam, we would walk away, even if it meant a cancellation. In fact, more than 50% of our cancellations from the past 3 years occurred within our first 6 months. We refused to let the fact that we were new on this platform change the way in which we allowed other people to engage with us. Dropping your costs in the early-days is absolutely fine, but don’t ever drop your standards with regard to how you expect to be treated by another human. (I won’t add to the advice about this order as it sounds like plenty of people have already advised you to stop working and cancel!) 😉 This is amazing, it really means a lot in this moment. I already contacted costumber support to cancel the order. Hes still messaging me non stop, looks like this guy doesnt sleep. I hope they answer me before he leaves me a bad review
  5. Thx Maria! I just tried that. In the meantime he sent me like 10 messages and a complete changed brochure. I will kindly ask again to cancel de order once i finish all this new changes. Thx for the support, means a lot.
  6. Hola Maria! Thx for the response. I offered unlimited revisions. Big mistake i know, but that the music i have to dance with now. The work actually is 100% done, hes just changing colours, texts and things like that all the time. I even had to sent him the fonts i used. Thats why i expressed it as 95% done. It normally takes me about 10 hours of work with the revisions to finish an order like this. But its been more than 40 now. And i really dont tolerate anymore the rudeness, the harass and the “trying to take advantage” all the time.
  7. Thx human! I already corrected it. I will really appreciate if you could give me your opinion about this
  8. Thx aishi! Does he have to accept the cancelation? He doesnt want to
  9. Thx crystal for your response! I already delivered the order with the source file, but we keep working. Its this possible? I told him we could leave it like this and he wont have to pay me but he doesnt want. The work is 95% finished but i really dont mind If we can still cancel it, could he leave me a review anyones?
  10. Hi community! Im having a problem with a client. Im new in fiverr, this is my 9th order. I will really appreciate if you guys could read this and give me your opinion. This is the whole story: He contacted me 3 weeks ago to see if i could make a 4 page example for a brochure design. Since im new i accepted. He insisted that i sent him the source file which i thought it wasnt necessary so i just sent him a pdf. He contacted me 3 days ago with my pdf with some filters attached on (weird) and asked me to do the gig which i accepted. Total of 20 pages, but the word file with the text he sent me was more than that + all the photos. So it was really hard to make all the information enter there. I offered him that i could do the extra pages for free so that his brochure looked good but he didnt want. After the second draft he really really insisted that i sent him the source file without delivering the order. He gave a lot of explanations insisting that he was not going to steal my work, that he had principals, that he could have done it with the draft, blah blah blah. Which i found all this explanation and demand really weird. I sent him the source file delivering the order but telling him he shouldnt worry that i will finish the gig ofcourse. Its been 3 days and its a nightmare. The client is changing things all the time going backwards and foward, he is sending me messages every half a hour from 8 am to 1 am, hes being rude all the time and treating me as if i was stupid. I had all good experiences in this platform and i been doing this for more than 10 years, so i dont think im doing things the wrong way. What do you guys think about this situation? I would prefer to give the money back and let him the work for free. I dont wont him to damage my reputation since i dont have a lot of reviews yet. I really cant deal with this guy anymore Thx a lot for reading!
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