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  1. Keep patience brother follow buyer request brief and write a good proposal. Hope its help you.
  2. hi, welcome to the fiverr community. You have a good skills. Wish you all the best.
  3. Same problem here but i can send message now. Hope its all ok now.
  4. same problem here. Now i can send message. Hope its all ok.
  5. i am facing this problem now its all ok. I can send message now.
  6. same problem here. I got a message from my client but its not unread all the time. I mark it as read and after refresh my page its show my message again. Now its all ok.
  7. @ visualstudios thanks for advice. My account is over one year but i open my gig last 2 week ago, open 2 gig first is logo design and second is T shirt design. I want to open seven gig and its all are graphic design category. Please advice me about opening gig.
  8. Please STOP giving bad advice. Not a single one of those things is true. “optimize gig image (SEO)” doesn’t even make sense, do you even know what that means? Besides, your account is over one year old and has one review. Why do you think you can give advice when clearly it’s not working for you? And of course three people liked your post already. I guess if they all want to make a single sale in over a year they are on the right track. please advice us some helpful tips for success because you are pro seller. You can give us helpful tips. We read other post and share it here new post. If like as you give us right tips then its easy for us to improve/success.
  9. hi, welcome to the fiverr, after publish gig you need to keep online most of the time, share your gig on social media and must send buyer request daily.
  10. hi, you need to active more time in fiverr and need to share your gig on social media.
  11. hi, welcome to the fiverr. Keep patience and active more time in fiverr , share your gig on social media and send buyer request daily.
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