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  1. I am a beta-reader and client often known my door for feedback and detailed reading report for their unpublished or published book. Sometime client says that I am looking for a critique but it will be great if you can write a review on amazon or Goodread. If I provide reading report and a complementary review of amazon, is this against TOS
  2. I have selected TCS under GST (exempted) but still the amount was deducted while I received the order. Why?
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing such a precious information. I never knew that fiverr ask for private review.
  4. Thank you for your feedback. It always motivate me when people come up with a positive response.
  5. Hey guys thank you for your support. I came across some of the best buyer across Fiverr and I am just $60 away from the level 1 tag on Fiverr. I hope, it come true ASAP
  6. I would just like to take as moment to thank you Fiverr and Fiverr community. I joined Fiiverr about a two years ago but at that time I was not very active as a freelancer, but when I recognized the true potential of being a freelancer, I kicked my freelancer journey. Last week I completed my 12 orders on fiverr and all of them were awesome buyers. I I had heard many stories on fiverr Forum them they came across a buyer who was fraud or want to cancel the order after delivery but thankfully I came across none of them. From my point of view, just stay humble to the buyer, understand the requirement and deliver the project on or before time. That's all you need to get success on fiverr. I am still on my way of "success" but I believe I will be there soon. Thank you for the lovely audience and a great customer base.
  7. Anyone who can suggest will be of great help.
  8. wait till End of the day. Thanks
  9. If you mean the 22nd of April then you have to wait till EOD (End of Day). and if you literally mean the 22nd of May then you have to wait for one month my brother. 😄
  10. thank you everyone for helping me out here
  11. can we ask other sellers to promote our service or suggest our service to their previous client. Or is it against the ToS of Fiverr?
  12. Awesome information. Love your post from the bottom of my heart.
  13. ohh great it happened with me too and after one year I am still struggling for the orders :rofl:
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