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  1. That’s what I have been doing mostly. But I just wish the buyer at least mentioned their intentions to work outside as soon as they started the conversation rather than at the end of it, that would save so much time and effort for the both of us. Yes, I do get a warning, but only sometimes. Anyways, irrespective of the warning, I’ve tried to frame the message in different ways but it always gets flagged (perhaps because I always have to mention words like “Fiverr TOS,” “communication outside of Fiverr” and “leading to a ban” or some variation of them). Is there any way to pass along this message without using these words? @fibocci Thanks and regards, Akhil I’ve never gotten a warning for any of these words either, now that I think about it. I’ve had the same experience once with a potential client who tried to “recruit” me. Just typed in those words, then blocked and reported. I agree with @coerdelion, you might just be getting reported yourself…
  2. If a buyer wishes to contact you outside of Fiverr, just let them know it’s against the terms of service. If they cannot accept that, they’re not worth the time and risk. It’s that simple. As for getting flagged, there is supposed to be a warning that pops up if you’re typing something that might get you flagged.
  3. Was about to say this, but you’ve put it out so well. It’s all about offering the right service at the right time for one person, and then repeating that over and over. @jonbaas has already given so many tips here for free while some so-called “gurus” put that stuff behind a paywall calling it a “secret”. Also, it’s just a lot more wholesome to call it “helping people” instead of “making money”. Haha…
  4. Welcome to Fiverr. People with several good reviews here have a target audience they can fulfill the demands of. You’ll have to think about that as you promote.
  5. You know, nobody actually cares about those test scores as long as you can actually deliver.
  6. I am currently working on an order which isn’t from any Buyer Request. Eventually it will happen as you keep delivering and getting good reviews.
  7. … 🙂 I’m gonna miss my old analytics page, or whatever you call that. It was fun while it lasted.
  8. If people need work done, they will come to you. I’ve had longer avg. response time than you have right now and still got orders. You’re already quite established here. I think you’ll be fine.
  9. To be honest, if my work involved me opening lots of attachments, I’d create a virtual machine in a free app like Virtual Box to scan and open files. - Or just use a separate machine for work and personal use. I know some people can’t afford 2 PCs or devices. But I can still get by perfectly fine on a 2004 laptop if I need to for all kinds of personal business. That cost me less than $50 on eBay. Like having a Windows 10 VM for these (and anything else that involves sharing your data, even games) and Linux for everything else.
  10. Yes! Well said. Also, if you’re uncomfortable with those things, use “SandBox” software to manually isolate files that you open. They should, at the very least, set up some guidelines for Buyer’s Requests (for both sellers and buyers) instead of making them almost like a “secret feature”. Would’ve saved a lot of time and trouble.
  11. I am honestly baffled how Fiverr still does not have anything set up to check for instances like these. This should have been covered at the very beginning.
  12. face-01817×658 9.3 KBThis could be a face with legs, or a face without. Either way, it looks angry.
  13. Creeper. I just joined two squares together. Missed the second day but the last design was begging for it
  14. Find your target audience and reach out to them.
  15. Even while opening PDF files, you need to make sure Javascript is disabled. You never know when some nasty script could run in those.
  16. If I were to use photobashing, I would’ve only done so with either my own images, or CC0 (public domain; free for commercial use, no attribution required) images where they don’t put in the copyright symbol. Even some brushes on the internet would require credit, so you’ll have to consider that into account as well. This is the main issue which could get anyone riled up.
  17. First month I had 0 orders. Best month I’ve had so far in terms of number of orders was February with 5 orders.
  18. Since everyone has already mentioned that each of your gigs are all similar, I will leave that part out. You had a 7 month gap between two reviews. Have you tried anything to market your gigs or reach out to your target audience in that timespan? Did you get orders within those months? Ditch the unlimited revisions. Fiverr takes them literally and that could mean your orders could never get completed. It can also make a lot of buyers distrust you because in most cases they would like it done right the first time, or the first few times. Working for low prices all the time could mean less growth for you here. Identify the unique points about your gigs and make some in which you can reasonably increase the price. Low prices don’t always attract the right people.
  19. This will be Savannah from the youth club who then travels to the Indian factory where the employees are making a few bucks a day, poses for 10 Instagram photos of herself handing them goody bags full of merch with her name on it, and then goes home and forgets about it forever except whenever someone brings up spiritual mindfulness and she nods and says “I spent time in Asia, I know ALL about that” That is both oddly specific and incredibly stereotypical. These types of people are so strange… and it’s even stranger that there are so many of them.
  20. I wanted to tell this guy that Sims 4 simoleons don’t work in real world. :rofl: Even Simlish makes more sense than what they’re speaking.
  21. This is the type of person that believes monopolies shouldn’t be outlawed and that companies outsourcing jobs to countries with no labor laws shouldn’t be required to treat their employees ethically because “at least they’re giving them a job” A soulless, dollar-bill-where-a-heart-should-be barnacle. Another form of racism, basically. Or more precisely, white saviorism. Did I get that right? (Not assuming their race, but it’s exactly that sort of behavior. I don’t think the term should just be limited to volunteering)
  22. And that is why they are a “millionaire” instead of a billionaire (since they think they’re that smart). Even actual billionaires let alone millionaires would pay you more. Why cheap out when you’re that rich apparently, hm?
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