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  1. Everyday trying to send 10 buyer request and definitely reply the first message within short time if any buyer knock you in further…hope you can reduce your response time… it’s not any issues…
  2. Work on the revision files and understand the buyer’s requirement properly. Though if you have any confusion, msg to buyer with your sample or upgrade work. If buyer pleased, then redeliver the order.
  3. Gmail notify me, If buyer send any message to me. But I’m expecting notification for buyer request.
  4. Hi Everybody, Recently I installed Fiverr Mobile Apps to active maximum time on Fiverr. But I cannot see any notifications when buyer request comes though I get notifications if any buyer send me SMS. If I go through the fiver apps and refresh it then I can only see the buyer requests…What is the reason behind this??
  5. One and only solution: Active 24 hours on Fiverr.
  6. Hi Everyone, After opening my account and new GIG on Fiverr, Several times I changed my GIG pictures because I was not happy with my uploaded pictures and changed it frequently. After 1 week I realize that It directly effect on my Impression, Views & Click. So I always recommended not to change your GIG pictures. Thanks.
  7. This is really an important tips/suggestion for me. Bcos I used fiverr by laptop when I stay in my office and used desktop PC when I stay on my home. Thanks.
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