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  1. It’s been 2 months i have received order. Now I don’t get any order. No response from buyer request. What should I do?
  2. Technically you will not get any reviews… But when he will log in again he will have a chance to give a review. so don’t worry.
  3. Though am not an expert, but I will suggest you to contact with CS as soon as possible. Tell them exactly what happen. If they think you are not faulty then they might help you.
  4. Hey there, if you are new at Fiverr then first keep patience. And try to be online on forum and refresh your buyer request tab frequently. I hope it works.
  5. So true, I saw many buyer wants to get piles of work done in $5!!! They want a logo, a business card and all sort of files and so on!!! How can they even post that!!!
  6. For some people marketing works but for some others, it’s just nothing but wasting of time. if you are willing to do marketing of your gigs then all you have to do is “Research”. What I have learnt from fiverr forum is, the audience will help you with few matters. But they can’t teach you everything. So help yourself buddy. best of luck!
  7. Technically if you want to receive order without buyer request, first you have to put buyer request!!! I know its kinda contradicting but that’s the fact. As a new member at fiverr, or No Level member, you have to relay on buyer request. I hope this helps.
  8. I really appreciate your kind words. I had to cancel the order because of his behaviour. My order completion rate shows 50% now. And it shows (-$80). I don’t understand what that means. Do I have to pay the refund???
  9. Keep pressing the “decline the dispute” button until he gives up. 😉 Am scared if he report my ID!
  10. what should I do? He has dispute on my order. Even if I don’t reply the order will be cancel after 2 days.
  11. after delivering my work, buyer is asking me to cancel the offer. I have already given the files as he wanted. now he saying that he is not satisfied. I have work past 3 days on this project. give me a suggestion. What should I do?
  12. I was wondering that. Now I got my answers. That’s why the avarage selles shows $7 instead of $5!
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