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  1. From all the issues, the commission part is the least of my worries, an quick Google search or even on this forum about seller experiences brings out also many horror stories with regards to how Fiverr provides not much support to the sellers and stories of many account being disabled on mere merits of saying “you will leave an honest review if asked” or if asking an buyer why they left an particular review as potential part of an feedback process to improve your work all can be interpreted as violation of Fiverr rules… I’ve read even accounts of 7 years that has been diactivated on this bases…and somehow I’m getting major flashback from eBay back in the days who has grown too big to give a hoot about sellers or even buyers I think…they simply deactivate you , because caring costs them more than they make on you.
  2. Hi everyone! I’m not new to Fiverr in general, I’ve been using it for couple of years now and it has matured into more than just a quick buck service but at the same time it has also attracted loads of low quality gigs (I’ve got even trouble sometimes spotting them) Not to go off topic straight away, but my question is…is it still worth it to start selling on Fiverr considering basically the following: the percentage Fiverr takes inthe bad experiences with buyer (holding you ransom to overdeliver otherwise you get an bad review)your gig might be too successful and end up being cannibalised by others and oversaturationlow payoutgetting gigs stays a challengecompetition who plays dirty by rating and buying gigs from eachothercan you even compete as beginner when most are playing dirty ?I look forward to everyone’s input on this, I’m sure there are past topics on this but as Fiverr is ever developing I wanted an more recent perspective from others.😁
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