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  1. Hey guys, I’ve recently updated my Payoneer account password and tried to withdraw my earnings after that to my account, but it’s taking way more longer than usual until I receive them. Is there any need to update my Payoneer account info here on Fiverr maybe? Your suggestions are highly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. As long as the accounts belong to different people, offer different services, and do not interact in any way that may violate the TOS, you will not face any issues. Using 2 laptops or 1 doesn’t really matter as well since they’re already under the same connection.
  3. Yep, I remember getting my first order without sharing anything. Simply put some effort on your gig images and make sure your profile is well organized, best of luck! 🙂
  4. Fiverr evaluates sellers each month and according to their stats they decide if one was eligible to level up. Your stats are clean and you’ll surely get your Level One Badge on the 15th of Sep 🙂
  5. Hello everyone, Do you guys remember when Fiverr’s website was down from a couple days/weeks due to some issues? I had an order I was working on while Fiverr was very buggy but I never expected them to suddenly shut the whole website down. I finished my buyer’s work 2 hours earlier before the deadline and boom, website closed. Later on when they fixed the website, I found the order’s status " LATE ". I contacted Fiverr immediately but they unfortunately responded very late. I was worried if the buyer would cancel the order so I went to the resolution center to extend the delivery duration hoping the buyer would accept it, and he really did after he understood the website’s issue, and accepted my order with a nice review. What just happened today after waking up early in the morning, The buyer cancelled the order and took the funds back! is it really because of the late delivery when it wasn’t my fault at all?! I’ve never been late with any orders and my rating is until now positive. IS THIS FAIR?
  6. Hi there! Congratulations on your new Fiverr account! 🙂 You just took me straight back to the old first days of me on Fiverr haha, where you’re still getting used to the website, uploading gigs, until you get that very FIRST order notification, that’s the point where your business will rise step by step depending on your hard work. Couldn’t be more happier when I first earned that 5$ online! Wish you the best of luck and keep pushing. Regards, Ahmed
  7. A 1% fee for an immediate funds clearance sounds like a very great idea to those who work for full-time. I used it on a bunch of pending funds to test it out and the total fee was little, never expected this feature to be there! Good job Fiverr.
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