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  1. Thanks! Of course, this is not my only source of income. I tried Fiverr simply because I want to expand my client base. I did offer revisions but I guess the buyer wasn’t interested.
  2. like what @misscrystal suggested, we are doing this at a loss to get some reviews. Since we can’t ask buyers to give us reviews, the ones who were happy with my work never gave me feedbacks. So now I am still stuck at 3.3 stars.
  3. Anyone feel the same? I want to expand my business so I started selling on Fiverr. Turns out this website is Not user friendly, lots of bugs.Sellers expect a unicorn when the only can afford a mars bar.The system is trying their best to get at you… Late gigs, warnings, maintain a certain star rating.After 2 weeks selling… I’m pretty much done…
  4. same problem happened to me. I referred my customers to pay for my work via Fiverr. Four different customers, all failed. They are in Hong Kong and their banks all charged them but no orders were made on Fiverr. Contacted support already, but they want my customers to contact directly, which created an extra layer of hassle. Very underwhelming experience!
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