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  1. But if he is available then he will accept quickly. This will also ensure his availablity. Other plateforms highly recommend this and give seller an opportunity to make their own way.
  2. I want to know what do you feel if you are getting good clients and have 2 to 3 orders in Queue all the time. And then suddenly everything stops!!! No Order, just wandering around Gigs and dashboard. What’re your feelings in that situation?
  3. I don’t see any kind of views and clicks from the last 4 days. Many people were asking that it’s a Fiverr bug. Is this issue is fixed or not?
  4. My gig is ranking on first-page against various keywords but I have seen sudden lost in impressions and clicks from the last 3 days. I confirmed gig ranking but it is still there. Inbox is almost dead. What could be the reason? And how can I solve it?
  5. Rank your gigs against your niche. Optimize title, tags and descriptions. Do watch some videos on how to rank better. Stay online. Be happy 🙂
  6. He can leave a bad review. Because i don’t know he is satisfied or not.
  7. Yo’re right that order will auto complete but what if leaves a bad review later. I think i should go with cancellation. Although i have made the changes exactly he requested.
  8. Buyer is not responding after placing order. I made the changes he requested. But instead if being online, he is not responding. Order is getting late.
  9. Buyer placed the order yesterday and asked to make some changes. I made the changes and informed him. But instead of being Online, he is not responding. I messaged him again and again but there is no response from his side. The order is getting late. It’ll also affect the Gig. What should I do know?
  10. Keep it up man!! make your gigs to come in search rankings.
  11. Make attractive, Elegant and Eye catchy gigs. Setup a professional profile. Pass more skill tests. Do some keyword research and try to rank your gigs on 1st or 2nd page.
  12. According to the Pakistan time zone. Buyer requests mostly shown at night after 12 am or so. Keep visiting after this time.
  13. improve profile, do some keyword research and try to rank your gig high among first pages.
  14. Ranking takes time almost 48 hours or so. Wait for 3 to 4 days after making changes or make changes 2 times a week then see results.
  15. That’s sad to hear. I think if she made this music by her own then she surely has copywright claim to that. You can show that to youtube they’ll remove strike.
  16. People are interested in your service but they are not able to see your gigs in search results. Do some keywords research and make titles, tags, and descriptions according to that. Try to rank your gigs on first or second page then you’ll see magic.
  17. Welcome to fiverr! Make attractive, Elegant and Eye catchy gigs. Setup a professional profile. Pass skills tests.
  18. I think providing key to buyer is far more better than a bad review. Key can be regenerated. If you have one then provide it to buyer. It’ll save your profile from getting bad review.
  19. I posted 2 questions explaining my problem but not a single person replied to help. I was expecting that this the only platform where I’ll get solutions to my problems. 😔
  20. Welcome to fiverr! Make attractive, Elegant and Eye catchy gigs. Setup a professional profile. Pass skills tests.
  21. That’s actually true. Although i didn’t receive a robotic reply but most of the time they prefer buyers not us who are also giving them the 20% of hard earned money. Should have to change and make cs better.
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