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  1. I have achieved level 1 seller requirements just now after 12:00 PM. Will I get Level 1 batch?
  2. How to say No to client if I don’t want to work on his project/
  3. {F175A9C0-823E-4CEC-9B69-AEA1582D3564}.png697×548 48.9 KB
  4. Buyers send me a lot of links of their websites. Am I safe from this? Because I cannot stop them not to send me the links. What about this?
  5. 1-I am a web designer. Some buyers ask for my past works. Is it ok to send links of websites designed by me through inbox? 2-Sometime I record a “LOOM” video and I send the link of “Loom .com” to the buyer for better understanding of Requirements. Is it safe to share the link of Loom? 3-Buyers send me a lot of links of their websites. Am I safe from this? Because I cannot stop them not to send me the links.
  6. I think it does, some times, in rare conditions. It happened to me once. I forgot to check buyer’s rating before he placed the order. He had super low ratings and then I thought: “Ah, crap, that’s bad.” I knew I would get scammed by him. At that time I had my revisions set to unlimited. I knew I would get scammed at this point or the customer would be rude, keep requesting revisions and so on, since those ratings of him being the buyer said, that he tried to scam several sellers. So in conclusion, I don’t trust any buyers below certain ratings. Hmm. That’s the other side of the Picture that i was not focusing. Thank you 😊
  7. I think buyer’s rating dosen’t matter a lot with respect to a seller’s rating.
  8. Please share an example. If so, I’ll also try to setup.
  9. You’re right but its not completely their fault as they are new to community. You can ask them to find answers by themselves in a polite manner. If you can’t help, just don’t reply. Leave their post as it is. I think there are hundreds of other members available to answer them.
  10. Well, you delivered on time but i think he is not satisfied. Be polite and guarantee him to deliver Quality work.
  11. It’s because of the tragedy that happened to some people in their past and they show their experiences and expectations in the form of harsh words. Don’t mind. Be happy 🙂
  12. I completely agree with you there would be an option to accept or decline Order for seller.
  13. Thank you 🙂 These are the words that i was expecting from someone.
  14. That’s good. It helps alot for all sellers to adopt expert’s ways.
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