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  1. Hi Everyone, I am level one seller. My current " Delivered on time " rate is 88%. Fiverr analytics showing that I’ll lose my batch if I don’t make it 90%.
    And I think these fiver stats reset to 100% after 60 days. In this coming evaluation, 60 days will be complete.
    My question is that will I lose my batch In this evaluation due to 88%?
    Hope you understand.

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  2. Also dont sweat about it, If you check it in order section, It will show delivered. Its just a glich in dashboard and i hope it will be solved quickly. Just for confirmation, go check your order tab.

    Issue is not just on dashboard. It dosen’t count in " delivered on time " section as well as i am running with low percentage on this and will lost my badge on 15 if dosent make it to 90%. Luckily i am very close to 90%, but this issue came right on time 😆

    Yeah, I’ve seen that it is completed in Order section.

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  3. If you aren’t able to deliver a satisfactory product I would suggest to the buyer that they cancel the order. That means they get their money back. Either way will leave you with a mark on your record unfortunately.

    Requesting support for cancellation of order do not effect order completion i think?

    And yes that will be a mark in my records. Is it better than a bad review?

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