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  1. Search on Fiverr forum, you will find out so many tips and guidelines, you may follow them and try from your self
  2. I just revived a VID Client order, the experience is really amazing
  3. It’s really amazing, thank you
  4. If the seller don’t complete your work, definitely you will get refund , but you need wait ripley from customer support, Forum never can solve your issue, So please wait be patience
  5. You can sent message fiverr Official Facebook page, you will get response very fast
  6. Welcome to fiverr, I think buyer request is great effective method for get first order,
  7. I think you need discuss with fiverr customer support, and fiverr support can give you best solution
  8. By your post… There are lot’s of people that who shared their experiences that was very helpful for all of us.Thanks everyon.
  9. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience with us.
  10. Wishing you a very successful carrier on Fiver.
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