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  1. Totally agreed with @genuineguidance do not spam, do not ask for work! with my experience just give the best, give the client what he or she looks for. my communication is not good and most of the time I say, Ok, Sure, perfect (not recommended) but I give my 100% and on-time delivery with that now I got a lot of repeat buyers and they buy my service regularly and they don’t know my real name and actually, I don’t either! repeating buyers… i think its all about what you give, not what you say!
  2. Some buyers don’t even read the gig description and just ordering then they realize this is not the gig that they want and they need a refund, all this happens within 15min and the seller (me) like whaaaaat??? is that a dispute!!! yes, we need the “decline order” button!! Yes, this deserves a thread itself. and THANK YOU!
  3. Basically thank you for shearing this with us!!
  4. On the dashboard click “Analytics” then scroll down a little you can see “Your seller level” you can get the all details about the LEVEL
  5. Earned in (month) on the dashboard not updating! It says 0, after refreshing the site a few times its update. this happening for 3 days now. Do I need to worry about this? do I need to report this?
  6. This can be found here, https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360011028318-Managing-your-Gigs in the second paragraph. My gig also went 1st page to the 10th will check this one!! Thank you!
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