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  1. @vickiespencer 🎈 Woooo…Hooooo… 🎉 CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  2. ? Hello Al! Nice to see you in forum! 😇 GOD BLESS!!!
  3. @coerdelion Yes. This is also a difficult time. Infrastructure collapse is not able to be set up quickly. The curfew has been put in place. Thank you very much for your kind words.
  4. Thanks for your advice. As soon as I received the order, the power outage made me confused.
  5. No, I’m not a buyer. Since I was unable to accept an order (due to a power outage), I wanted to find a seller quickly. Introduce him / her to my buyer. I was trying to find a seller here because he needed his work so quickly.
  6. @fergibeatrice & @fakhir_najeeb If either of you receive this order, kindly charge a reasonable amount from my buyer. ? 🎯 No one will gift the received order! 😇 And don’t forget me who helped you this time. 😉
  7. Thank you both. This is an urgent need. My buyer wants to quickly edit a few pages. I cannot here enter into the details which we have discussed. He has Adobe illustrator source files. He wants to update the designs. Similar to the infographics in the link I sent. He wants to create it in a few hours.
  8. It’s not really my order. It’s an order I received. I’ll tell my buyer about you. Sometimes he’ll check and talk to you.
  9. I’ll tell him about both of you. Then he will check and talk to one of you. But I can’t say for sure.
  10. Sorry. I really can’t promote your gig. I am also a graphic designer. I received an order about a month ago. The electricity in my area has been disconnected and I have not been able to do so. I need a good infographic Designer to introduce to my buyer and place my order.
  11. @fakhir_najeeb Can you create a design like this? [https://www.canva.com/templates/search/infographics/ ]
  12. Can you create a design like this? https://www.canva.com/templates/search/infographics/
  13. Edit the first message you put in here and insert your link into it. Maybe it could be included.
  14. Insert your link here. We can get insight into your service. It will soon be of help to you.
  15. Your welcome! Can you create an infographics? Do you use Adobe illustrator?
  16. Hi @fergibeatrice, What service do you offer your gigs?
  17. 😣 An Urgent Need! If you are working on infographics, reply quickly. ?
  18. @nac_designer244 Follow this… You’ll get some idea about BUYER REQUEST! Continuing the discussion from [How to get more ORDERS from Buyer Requests? [FOR SERIOUS SELLERS]]](How to get more ORDERS from Buyer Requests? [FOR SERIOUS SELLERS]]):
  19. 😇 If you want get your first ORDER SOON… 🔍 🎤 BEST OF LUCK!
  20. I turned 69 when it was my birthday this week, so I would wager I am one Fiverr’s “old sellers” :older_woman:t2: But joking aside, I joined Fiverr in 2017 as you did. I see that you, too, have been successful up to now. However, I do not feel that Fiverr has forgotten me as I continue to get orders daily. 🙂 True, it has been slower in the last two months, but I DO continue to get orders from both repeat and new buyers. However, when I searched for business card design, I found 24,136 gigs were offering that service, and 19,513 of them are level 0 sellers. Maybe the issue is not that Fiverr is “ignoring his old sellers” so much as the amount of competition from the new level 0 sellers. :thinking: @vickiespencer ? I don’t know when exactly your birthday. But :hugs:Many Happy Return Of The Day Ma’am!🎉 🎂
  21. Search 🔍 the forum… How to find Buyer Request?
  22. @mamun6090 If you have completed the level one requirements after March 15th, you must wait until April 15th. On that day you will be referred to as a “Level One seller” by fiverr. Because the 15th of every month is the evaluation day. Good Luck! ?
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