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  1. Get high pricing orders , deliver on time , respond immediately , avoid from cancaliton and late deliveries will help you to get rank on first page
  2. Send 10 buyer request daily, not copy paste , Read project details carefully and respond potentially. Improve your gig images (Thumbnail) and compare your gigs with competitors.
  3. can we Share flicker portfolio link on fiverr inbox to client for show our recent work ?
  4. A buyer place an order accidently and cancel by customer support without any effect on order completion rate. But after some days my gigs were going down . I just want to know if order cancel by customer support without any effect on completion rate can effect the gig ranking.
  5. I really like layout , UI and features 😍❤️
  6. One of my friend recently got fiverr subscription option. I just want to know what is the role of Fiverr subscription and benefits of this option. Can anyone explain
  7. That's amazing , congratulations , keep going good work
  8. You need to focus on sending buyer request regularly
  9. sales for logo design services now a days. share your opinion
  10. make attractive gig images and to the point description with competitive price
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