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  1. after the first job i am following TOS carefully, its been a year and i didnt receive any warning for that. i dont know why mobile app dont show warning on the words like “payment”, or “positive feedback” etc
  2. If you haven’t done this since, it’s possible that Fiverr might overlook it, but no one could tell you for sure. No one on the forums can tell you ‘it’ll be fine’, because it’s not. But if you’re not reported, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be flagged. thank you so much, these are the words i want to listen from someone at that time:)
  3. i was using mobile app at that time, in mobile app it does not show any warning thats the main reason for this. now sometime it make me worry about
  4. yeah in my 1st job, i sent email to my client but i was unaware with the term and services of fiverr at that time and at the end i asked to the buyer to give me 5 star rating
  5. yeah i read, well fiverr will check my conversation for all chats(buyers) or just in you and me in this case?
  6. like if i report your account without any reason infect in jealousy then what will be action of fiverr with you?
  7. i shared my fiverr profile in my class now i am worried about that if someone reported my fiverr account without any reason then what will be fiverr action in this situation. please tell me about that , thank you
  8. some buyers dont know to write good in words, so they copy the good feedback from other sellers profile and paste
  9. set the timer within 3-4 minutes, then there will be no issue with your account. but if you use 1 minute for refresh then it can create issue, like recaptcha fill,
  10. does editing gig again and again effect rank?
  11. Congratulations Andrew and best of luck for the new taste with the TRS badge
  12. same, i lost my level1 badge today because of 89% response rate. once it cross the 90% then you can contact with support, they will solve your problem immediately
  13. varun apni gigs 7 kro, 7 allow hn , jitni zyada gigs hn gi utny zyada chances hoty client aany k
  14. please check my gig images and let me know if they are attractive or not… link: w0rdpress_pr0 | WordPress | Fiverr
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