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  1. same problem here. ive been working with only returning client for months now
  2. makes sense i think, if you constantly check on your account and make improvements you will get more impressions
  3. if you dont check your account everyday. fiverr algorithms will throw you in later pages when nobody will notice you
  4. Hi, I suggest your remove the photo from the gig, unless you get a professional portrait choose a vivid color for the gig image so instead of dark blue/purple, use some eye catching color Send buyer requests and share your gig on social media to get your first order good luck
  5. Probably spammer, Some people send a message to a lot of sellers to get the best quote and why i say the best quote i mean the lowest price, So Fiverr bans them
  6. all over the world but mostly from united states and Australia
  7. Same here… dead month for me no impressions no nothing
  8. the Same here i guess fiverr has a strange way of dealing with it
  9. not chance , close your account and go home ! just kidding here Work on improving your gigs , -----deliver good product --FAST-- because HIGH RANKED SELLERS CHARGE FOR EXTRA FAST DELIVERY -------- Get your first 10 to 20 GOOD reviews and you’re up ( rely on social Media for that) good luck
  10. same here, Thats just How fiverr’s algorithm works i guess
  11. Thanks for sharing , awesome tips
  12. you should withdraw your earnings first (pending clearance too)
  13. The user probably closed their account or got banned for spamming
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