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  1. Thanks for your edvice i will i right now developing it
  2. Wherz section i get to look at some buyer request
  3. So what the benefits for the contribution in the forun is doesn’t effect
  4. Is there a rewards to do some work before the first order and review while I am new user
  5. I sorry to ask you a question i have a lot of confusion my question is if there’s any difference between badges and level and activities in the forum and the main profile and account? Is it the same?
  6. Thank you @jonbaas there is general goal not specifically for a new user it’s difficult to understand
  7. Oh thanks and how let all the bars green by which activities, are there any special orders to follow
  8. Can we post gigs on endroid device(phone) ? Or should post with laptop thank 🙏
  9. Hello is there a system or program in fiverr to follow to increase your level in seller mode
  10. **hello everyone i signed in fiverr in 2016 and return after I think and I planed for month ago in the quarantine days and made a goal to build a cree and make it a good income and be professional in fiverr and i decide to learn everything about it and i hope to make a difference. Thank you freelancers Staylsave stay home sa 😘
  11. Hello jonay on fiverr i have noticed that’s you have positive vibes welcome and i hope the best for your work ✌️
  12. Hello and welcome bro me too new user and we are here to help each other good luck and don’t forget to have fun on working in fiverr 😊
  13. Thank you so much for your help Sir and i will work hard and do my homework, sorry for interrupting and thank you for your time ❤️
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