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  1. Send 10 buyer requests daily and offer less price or something free which will attract buyers easily.
  2. Can somebody help me improve my gig? its a wordpress website creation gig. https://www.fiverr.com/eimoor1993/create-a-professional-and-fully-responsive-wordpress-website-design-or-ecommerce
  3. 10 buyers request per day will help you get first order.
  4. try 10 buyers request per day.And try to make offer more interesting, like offering delivery time less than 24 hrs or offering the buyer some samples whatever gives you edge over other sellers.Find out techniques to convince the buyer that you are the right person. 🙂
  5. I think what you are trying to say is that you use Photoshop to sketch logos because creating logos in Photoshop is an absolute waste of time. Rough sketch in photoshop is what most of us do. if this is true then… I do not know what to say. How many anchor points you get with this? Million? Plus you have to separate each object that was traced and split that in layers, bottom line, if you draw something in Photoshop, then go to Illustrator and do not draw over it again, but you are using tracing, that is not vector logo and if there is any need for change or alteration it would be a pain in… That’s different. Mockups end results are photos A4 or A3 in size for which PNG is perfectly fine as format. But logo must be clear and vector, with layers and “normal” anchor points. And the buyer will prefer the illustrator guy over you.
  6. ignore…they will get caught soon… 🙂
  7. Thank you Arnas for sharing your story.Your specialization?
  8. Thank you brenna_n for such nice tips.
  9. Buyers request depends upon many factors and the main one is the complex algorithm…My advise would be to visit frequently buyers request corner…
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