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  1. I’ve logged into linkedin on the same browser. But it isn’t working.
  2. They suggested me to clear the cache and data from my browser and try again. I did so. But it didn’t work.
  3. Welcome. I’ve done it now. Waiting for their reply. Thank you for your co-operation.
  4. If you find any solution regarding the problem, kindly inform me.
  5. Yeap, you got it. I’ve been facing this problem for a month. Is this happening with other newbie? And if it’s a bug then why isn’t the fiverr team solving the issue?
  6. Thanks for your reply. I’m new here. So, I’m learning and coping with this forum.
  7. Thanks for replying. I want to link my linkedin profile to my fiverr seller page. But it’s not working. I’ve seen some other seller’s profile linked with linkedin profile. I tried it many times but failed.
  8. I have a LinkedIn account and I want to link it to my Fiverr profile. When I click on the plus icon beside LinkedIn, it takes me to a new tab where I have to put the email and password of my LinkedIn account. After submitting the fields, Fiverr pages refreshes and there isn’t any logo for LinkedIn. Why can’t I add my profile here? Note: I’ve successfully added my facebook and google account to my Fiverr account.
  9. I think it’s not modest to use the word in your gig and it will also make you look unprofessional.
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