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  1. Did you deliver the revision already? If yes, just wait. If she contacts again, do your best to meet her requirements. If you don’t think it’s worth the time, just cancel the order. Once, I just had to cancel the order, and the buyer got their stuff free. But I didn’t get any bad reviews. Just time loss and order completion rate drop. Note, canceling the order won’t refund the money back.
  2. Hello everyone, I have created a new gig and i want to know haw can i take my gig to the first page? https://www.fiverr.com/azizol_jion/create-an-awesome-wordpress-coming-soon-under-construction-page-with-countdown Thanks
  3. same to me. i am also new in fiverr and making few gigs and come to the forum so i can learn from others.
  4. How about I wish you “good work” instead. Luck is not a good strategy to build a business upon, but great work connecting to your target customers, and showing them how you can solve their problems is. You can be very successful as a new seller… but you need a lot more perseverance and hard work, then luck and patience. Anyone can be successful, if only they dedicate themselves to building their business the right way. I hope luck is on your side, but I also hope you’re willing to do the hard work so that you don’t need luck to be successful. 🙂 thanks for suggesting like that hope i will do same as you told soon.
  5. Hey I am Azizol_Jion. I am new in fiver. Wish me for good luck…
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