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  1. Thanks. Got the clear knowledge about it
  2. Hello Every one, I'm Shozib Professional Motion and Graphic Designer. I'm a part-time freelancer in Fiverr. Today I got this notification from Fiverr. "You’ve been chosen as one of the first sellers to offer Subscriptions. Learn how here." I search on YouTube about that but not clear that much. Is it actually beneficial for me? If anyone using these services please share your experience. Thanks in advance.
  3. Try to understand the buyer's needs. Use appropriate words and correct English to convenience the buyers.
  4. Maybe he means, buyers are not contacting him after sending the buyer request.
  5. This is great! Thank you so much. I have done the same type of mistake all the time. Now I got proper guidelines from someone. It's really helpful
  6. Interface totally changed. It's seen fresh and minimalistic. But I need a little bit of time to understand. All people here are helpful and cooperative. Thanks, Fiverr, and keep it up.
  7. NOT TRUE. Do a search on the forum for the term “charge backs”. It means NOTHING if the money has cleared and the seller has withdrawn it. NOTHING! The buyer can still either try to cancel via customer service OR make a dispute with PayPal or their credit card. What happens then, is the seller’s balance will likely be negative whatever the amount was that the Gig cost. All this advice about lying to the buyer about your computer being broken and you won’t get it back until the day their payment clears is nonsense. Trust me, if a buyer wants to get their money back, they will get it back. Period. GG Thanks for your information. But sometimes it’s one kind of harassment for us.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions, Everyone suggest to avoid the unlimited revisions.
  9. You did your job, the buyer accepted it. You don’t have to do anything else, especially for free after the order completion. You can ask them to pay extra for the modifications and create a custom offer. Just remember, they can give you a bad review once again. I wouldn’t risk it. That’s the reason why having Unlimited Revisions is a big mistake. You should edit your Gig asap and change it. Good one, I will follow next time. Thanks
  10. Already try 2 time. He asking again and again.
  11. Take Unlimited Revisions off the gig so there’ll be less chance of an issue with future orders. It’s up to you what you do. Fiverr CS has sometimes asked a seller/sellers to do a revision even after completion I think (if they’ve got free revisions left) but that might have been when the order was within 14 days of completion. You could check with CS what they recommend if you wanted to. If you wanted to keep the unlimited revisions maybe add a note somewhere in the gig that revisions can only be taken until the order is complete. This is a good point, there should be notes for unlimited revisions. I heard the buyer has power the cancellation of a finished order. So, I’m a little bit worried about that.
  12. I am afraid, if I don’t modify it, he might give a bad report.
  13. Hello, I am a motion designer. Recently I have finished a project of lower third. I respect all of my clients but he is different. After client feedback finally, I delivered a well-finished project. He was happy with my service but put 3* Review. Anyways I also give him a positive review and reply to his review on my profile. Now two weeks later he asked to modify the work. I’m not interested to do his work anymore. What should I do?
  14. I’m a Seller My service in Graphic & Motion Design. A few weeks back one buyer knocks me for and product motion graphic. He has a simple product appearance sample. I need to follow that accordingly. I agreed and he has all the necessary files. He also said that his seller didn’t respond, that’s why he needed me to finish that. So I send him a custom request. After order confirmation, I start doing work on it. When completed about 40% of the work I notice I need his logo. So I asked him for the logo. That time he asked to cancel the order because he doesn’t need it now. I request him not no cancel it, whatever he needs I will do as it is. Now he asked for two different animations and asking more and more changes (In Chat). Finally, he says he is disappointed with my service. I’m asking him politely what I suppose to do now? The buyer says to me, to deliver it as it is. Then I deliver the video file and he accepts it. After that, he put a “1Star Review” on that order. But it was not visible on my profile because I didn’t give him any review. Again I asked politely if you need more changes I will do. Now he says he doesn’t need any changes. He will be asked Fiverr to cancel the order. One day later he knocks on me and says the order will be canceled soon by Fiverr, also his review will be wiped from my profile. Three days later, the order was canceled, but the ''1 Star" review is now visible on my profile. Also, I can’t give any reply on it. The buyer didn’t solve the matter. So, is there any way to remove that review or do anything? Maybe I’m late to share here, but I need to know that for the future. Thanks in advance.
  15. Thanks for you suggestion.
  16. Recently I upgrade my Desktop, sold the old one. I used to work on Fiverr on my old desktop. Now the person is bought my desktop, he also a freelancer and work on Fiverr. My question is, if he also works in Fiverr too, will my account hamper? Or is there any way to remove the previous device/Pc date from my Fiverr account? Like Google has data how may devise I log in. I’m afraid if Fiverr marks it as the same pc running two accounts.
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