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  1. 1.thumb.jpg.61b0e272da914208242683d1875d5950.jpg
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    I looks Color theory, I looks Color code.Thus I makes Flyer.I looks pictures & text from customers now how can i develop more.I am hanging on July & August -2019.Feeling Strong urge to earn that I must do.What can i do now.I missed two order to response on time.A lot of spam massages.Now what can i do possibly.I was absent but now i am regular on internet.

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  2. Most online image makers have templates that are much higher quality than this. If someone can create better quality with a template for free or hire one of the thousands of Fiverr sellers who design these images, many with high professional quality, why would they hire you?

    My sample pictures are not all that i knows. I knows more than those sample but i makes hurry.But surely i can make more than thos That’s i can ensure.Thanks for all reply!

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