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  1. Hello, Not like that actually the final milestone amount of project is 950 but we both dicided to less amount but Fiverr police won’t allow to buyer and seller to reduce project amount. For that buyer make canversation with the fiverr help center and he get advice to cancel order and resend custom offer with dicided amount. But after that we both dicided to work on different projects without cancel the order with the same amount and it won’t effect on my profile also. But after few hours I got massage that the order is cancelled by Fiverr support team and it effected on my profile also. And in my profile show that order completion is 67% only and on time delivery is 50 % but I have delivered new project within the time limit. So please help me with this I need to improve my profile effected by cancel order. Which actually decided by both seller and buyer. Regards, Avinash k.
  2. Hello, my order was in 2 milestones 1 is completed and Final was delivered few hours ago but recently I got massage that The order was cancelled. But I have submit complete work. Please help me.
  3. Ok and thanx a lot for your help:slightly_smiling_face:
  4. And it’s showing me in numbers but not existed actually
  5. But sir I am not any level seller I have just joined Fiverr a month ago
  6. Hello, There is a problem in my Fiverr account When I check my buyer request on it shows me 1 active request in numbers. But there are not any request. And when there are if few request show like 4 on the time but I can see only 3, please help with this problem is that any technical problem or bug.
  7. Halloo My Fiverr Family I have joined this family like a newborn and you all are elders and experience holder for me. I have experience in admin support, virtual assistance, Lead generation. And I know you all help me as you do! Actually I don’t know what to say just wanna say thank you all
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