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  1. I’ ve completed approaching 100 orders, most of which from the last two weeks. Many of my clients are return clients, hence the low review number.
  2. When I started Fiverr I had no idea how I was going to bring clients to my gig. There were lots of tips and suggestions on the Fiverr forums and across hundreds of blog posts, but everything I did didn’t seem to be making a difference to my impressions or conversion rate. The truth is, your first few weeks are going to be slow. Don’t give up. If you persist and continue to deliver high-quality content (or services for your niche) you’ll start to see a return on the time you’ve invested in Fiverr. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along my four-month journey on Fiverr. Hopefully, they’ll help you to pick up more orders in the future. 1. Price Your Gig Right There is nothing more important than first impressions. When a client is browsing Fiverr they are drawn to two things: the price of your gig and the number of positive reviews you have. When you just start, you won’t have any reviews. That means you need to focus on your price. I don’t want you to cheapen your services so the best thing to do is to compare your services to other popular gigs on the market. I’ve steadily been increasing my prices as I earn more positive reviews - start low and build slowly. 2. Write The Best Gig Description You Can Once you draw a client to your gig you need to close the sale. Your gig description needs to be well optimized with SEO keywords and structured in a way that is easy to read and easy to understand. Choose the right category and use the right tags. Short, sharp, simple. To find crucial terms associated with your services, check other popular gigs on Fiverr. Don’t copy other people’s gig descriptions, but use them to get inspiration and write unique content for your services. I have seen huge improvements in my impressions and conversions if I regularly keep my content updated. Make small changes here and there every few days. Tweak and optimize. Find out what works best for your gig. 3. Communicate With Your Clients When you receive an order, make sure to talk your clients through every step of the process. It reassures them that their product is being worked on and it means they can ask questions about the order regularly. You should also make use of your gig’s FAQ section. This is a great way to answer client questions before they’ve even asked them. Again, look at other popular gigs and then create your FAQ’s based on your individual circumstances. Communication doesn’t stop when the order is finished. That brings me on to my next point. 4. Politely Press Your Clients For Extra Work Most of my current clients are return buyers. This is the best way to build a consistent income on Fiverr. Once you’ve completed an order ask if the client needs any other work they need doing - just politely ask, you’ll be surprised at how many will have something else for you to do. 5. Utilize Every Part Of Fiverr’s Toolkit Fiverr is designed to help you make sales. The gig packages are super customizable and you should always take advantage of this. Add extras for a reasonable price and you can turn a simple order into a perfect package for your client. They’re just a few of the tips I’ve picked up along the way. I’m still working hard on Fiverr and there is a lot left to learn! I hope these ideas give you a good head start on getting your first orders on Fiverr.
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