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  1. I watch many videos on youtube and also follow other posts here to learn the perfect way for gig seo. i did all the necessary things for ranking .will any seo expert sugget me the perfect way of ranking. please check my profile : https://www.fiverr.com/mdrifat123
  2. I see on other social media people are posting for love exchange. Is it good or bad? i am a new saller and just 2 day before i uploaded my gigs. some people says its good for your ranking. should i try this? please gide me brother and sisters.
  3. When you get your first work After uploading your gigs.
  4. Will you please check my gigs? Is it ok? http://bit.do/e4fA4
  5. Yesterday i uploaded my gigs. But my gig is not on the first page. i want to know how to rank my gigs?.any tips from experienced seniors
  6. Hi i am Rifat. I just uploaded my gigs on fiverr.you can say i just stated my journey on fiverr.As a new seller i had lots of questions about fiverr market place but i am Very Lucky because i found this community just 4 day ago. Then i start reading stories and Alhamdulillah i leant so many things. As a new seller i don’t Know how a perfect gig looks like. Will you please Check my gigs. A question Is marketing essential for gig sell? If yes Where should i start marketing? Here is my gigs link, please guide me brothers and sisters. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/18e2b96bd5
  7. Welcome to this Community brother. keep it up with your skills
  8. i am also following your post ,anyone please reply.
  9. Hi i am Md Rifat Mahmud I am new in fiverr and also new in this Community. How are you all?
  10. i am also following your post and waiting for a better solution. anyone please
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