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  1. Im losing somuch money in the name of tax from fiverr. How can i reduce it?. Is there any way to reduce it by Filing TDS or something?
  2. Don’t worry too much. The affect of cancellation lasts for couple of months after that it will marked as zero cancellation. Definitely you will lose your 100% Order completion. In my case its decreased by 2%. But i have made Level 2
  3. I usually ask to leave a feedback about my service . It not like leave a positive feedback and a five star. I ask to write sonething about my service.Will it considered to be violation of TOS ?
  4. Thanks a lot akash. Today is evolution day and i didnt get the notification yet 😞
  5. Im A level 1 Seller and I have crossed all the criteria to become level 2 seller. Is LEVEL 2 Is a automatic process or is it picked by Fiverr officials manually?
  6. One of my client need a cancellation and send a request to cancel the order. But i couldnt accept it. It keeps reloading and shows the same request. Is it because the seller contacted the service and they have hold the cancellation? and i also afraid that will i demoted due to the cancellation? Im about to reach level 2. I have completed about 80 orders and there is no cancellations yet. l I have a five star rating in total and im level one right now.et me know , Thank you.
  7. Thanks a lot for the answer. Can i atleast use the Brand Name? Is that possible. I mean Facebook instagram… like that?
  8. I am going to post a new gig on my profile. I want to know if i can use the logo of youtube facebook instagram and Tik tok. Is these logo make Copyright violations? Is it against TOS?
  9. One buyer ordered my gig without discussing with me to know whether i can do it or not. I cannt do that gig right now. Cancellation obviously affect my credibility. What can i do? 😧
  10. Yes it is spam. That’s not what the message inbox is for. The terms of service describe what to use the inbox message system for. Thank you @misscrystal for the reply
  11. Is asking Suggestions from a top rated seller is Spam? I got a warning from Fiverr which says "our message was labeled as spam and blocked by our Trust and Safety team. USER won’t be able to see it. Im afraid that if it will affect my credibility and rating in Fiverr… Kindly help me to figure it out … Thank you in advance …
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