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  1. I mean I didnot receive a warning on anything based on why I was, disabled. My warning was on something else when I first joined I have been disable without prior warning due to the implication of HW services offered, which is not true.And If they had warned me I would have definitely, edited my gig wherever this implication was felt. I dont understand why is this community so unsupportive of new sellers, who have little or no fault. This is a breach of all International Laws, I have agreed to TOS but I didnot deliberately fall out of it.
  2. When you signed up, you have checked the box stating that you have read the terms of service and that you agree to be bound by them. I understand that many new users don’t actually read the terms, but that’s their choice; they’re still bound by them, and they still get banned if they violate them. You are wrong, its not about reading its about understanding some terms and services dont necessarily make sense when you are totally new to the platform, you could even be confused by buyer and seller words. Secondly, a warning should be issued before disabling account.
  3. i dont what I violated they need to tell me and I would have corrected it.
  4. If they had told me I would have definitely corrected my mistake.
  5. Thats right, but sometimes things arent the way Fiverr reviews things and new sellers have little idea until they arenot told about it. I followed all the general rules I knew and read on forums.
  6. I just got one warning in total in the start which I understood and never repeated the same mistake…that was when I joined and that wasnt in my knowledge Without any warning they disabled my account and I dont even get why they did it. Its so unfair, to disable accounts without any knowledge as to why and no way to correct any mistake.
  7. My account has been disabled saying my gigs and services violate TOS. I dont know how can fiverr, just go about disabling accounts when new sellers dont know nothing, they can notify us and we can change it?? I need help.
  8. I feel, that both sides get extremely touchy. People, who posted the question feel attacked and people answering the question are pretty blunt and maybe tired of the same questions. The old sellers, do not understand new sellers and their difficulty whil old sellers mostly posting here are too-extra rude at times. Which I also felt when I first visited, I mean if some of you are so tired of all this why do you answer questions with such frustration. However, this isn’t on anyone in specific, I agree that there was no racist comment I think he messed racism’s meaning with some other word.
  9. Exactly, when I was being bullied here on my first forum topic. A buyer, helped me get my first order to help me cross this line of 0 reviews. And even though, my work wasn’t so good at that time he still gave me good reviews to help me. I had the same question as posted above, but I got my answer as I learnt that, most people have limited financial budgets and therefore trust new sellers because they are willing to work 2. They agree to work within the budget.And most people are looking for those who are keen to work. Most sellers with reviews and ongoing order, do not negotiate on budget and secondly they confident-ally say no if your budget falls low.
  10. But you didn’t explain your gig, paste your gig description in more detail.
  11. Google gives permission to do that. please check the attachment. Screenshot (598)1196×622 72.3 KB Sometimes it’s not too easy to do. For bulk address business it’s too hard to do. How can You tell, I help scam people to do it? Maybe you don’t have proper knowledge about it. In Fiverr have more than 17,000+ Gigs related to google my business. Also, I request you, don’t demotivate myself. If you don’t help me, then don’t need to kid me speak like that. Maybe my problem is not a big issue for yourself, But it’s important from me. Hi, You need to explain your gig. And paste your gig description so we can help you with this matter. You need to be patient with explaining everything. And if thats hard, you can write it in Urdu/Hindi here and I will explain it in English.
  12. You might not be a new seller but your level of English is either poor or you just have a poor ability to explain things. So far without you detailing exactly what your gig did, it is impossible for anyone to offer any advice. I think we need to be patient with people, whose first language isn’t English. If you are a bilingual, you might be able to understand why he struggles explaining in English. He is finding it hard to explain and we need to tell that to him, in much simpler sentences.
  13. When will we start learning and interacting on this discussion board.
  14. What if some seller falls in love with a buyer, and they want to marry? Would fiverr allow that. Just a thought came in to my mind 😛
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